bulk grains in 5gal buckets (link)

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    A friend is telling me costco has bulk grains. I havent looked yet, costco.com and search emergency.
    Also beprepared.com has awesome stuff like canned bacon and powdered butter.
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    Beprepaired.com is awesome, but bulk grains can be had at local feed mills for less than $15/100lb. Usually in 100lb bags, feed wheat, cleaned only twice and not three times. So what if I have to flip it in the wind to get rid of the last of the chaff? Small price to pay.
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    Yes, well...at my local feed stores I can get feed wheat with bugs in it and corn and chaff and MOUSE POOP...and it smells like mold and it definitely isn't consumable for humans. I found that out. Seven bucks, though for a 50 lb. bag. Then, with the price of new buckets going up toward $15-$20 each and then having to flush it ans seal it myself...just a pain, really. I am still checking into the local Amish stores to order some bulk grains. Today I ordered 45lb. hard red winter wheat with sealed bucket and flushed for about $50 plus shipping. I got a 10lb. bag of brown rice free too. I don't think it is a bargain, but I am tired of waiting. That's the price we pay for immediate I guess. [booze]

    *edit* -Hey Tango, that link is a really nice one, too. I ordered my wheat from http://www.homegrownharvest.com and even though I had to pay shipping, it came out to the same as http://www.pleasanthillgrain.com because I live in "Zone 2", which would come to just over $70. I will order one from each and see which is the best quality maybe.
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    I have PM messaged this info to other members for fear of the spammer curse, but will take a chance and put the info out there a little vague. note, i have no affiliation with or economic interest in the LDS religion. Google or othewise search for LDS food distribution warehouses and or LDS food sales online. Here is what you will find; a list of locations in USA and Canada where LDS members routinely buy bulk and repackaged food with a 30 year shelf life. I have not yet purchased direct from a warehouse of theirs, but spoke to a member at the one nearest to me and was told they do sell to the public, but certain requirements must be met. You must fill out an online available order form and request a pickup date. You must show up on that date early and help package orders, including your own. When all orders are packed, you then pay for yours, load it and leave. I have been told by others that LDS does not sell to non-members. These same people had not spoke to anyone from an LDS warehouse directly. Their prices for bulk, and their prices for their food compared to anyplace else at their warehouse beats anyplace if have looked. Now, for online sales, they only sell a limited selection of food (as opposed to their order form for warehouse packing and pickup), they will ship to you from their nearest warehouse to you to reduce their shipping costs. They have already figured those costs into the price they quote online. An example of cost would be one case of #10 cans, 6 in a case, red wheat, total weight of the 6 cans 33lbs, $26. Just as a side note, if you have a warehouse within reasonable driving distance to you that same case would be $10 less. 25lbs bulk was $5.20. This is clean food grade not feed. Seems like one heck of a good deal to me. I have a warehouse I plan on buying from by spring. I will post how it goes then. JMHO of course
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    I have been exploring the LDS option myself, I will post if I learn more. LDS wards often have their own "cannery" and some lend out can sealer. I think you can get your own can sealer for $495, which would be cool. I could put not only food but medical supplies, radios and kids clothes etc in #10 can, anything you wanted to keep clean and dry.
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    I'm LDS and I have worked in a cannery in CA and now live in MT and both canneries absolutely do NOT sell or ship any of their food products to non-members. I can't speak for other canneries but that is the deal with the ones I have and continue to frequent for my storage items. Yes, you do have to arrange a canning date, and hopefully bring at least 2 other people (members), fill out and order with a form, check only for payment (they may be getting up to date with cards..not sure). You can bring your own food and can it or you can buy theirs and can it. It is hard to find food cheaper anywhere..and I've looked. Of course, if you want to bring cheerios, cocoa puffs, cheese-its, or other snack food to can, you certainly can.

    I've often just borrowed a canner and taken large orders of cans for people in my local "ward" (congregation or church unit) and had spent several hours on a Saturday morning getting ready for THE END! lol $2.60 per sealed #10 can of hard red wheat is quite a deal. Here's the current pricing and products sold.

    THe reasoning, as I understand it, behind only allowing members of the church use the facility and content is because we've paid for it with our tithes and offerings..and to avoid losing our tax exempt status, and to prevent resellers selling the stuff on ebay...it's limited to members. But again, the discretion of each cannery's administrators (usually elderly missionaries volunteering to operate the cannery and keep them stocked) might vary.

    Also, the food quality is as good as any you'll find. The church owns the largest cattle farm in Florida, among other farms across the United States and it's all for members via the canneries, or for food aid across the world for anyone. When there's a disaster, we're mobilized first and used by the red cross to ship stuff in (red cross run by a mormon i believe) because we are in more countries throughout the world than any other religion or humanitarian body.

    ...sorry for the long wind...
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    Well I guess LDS do things different online than they do in Montana. LDS do sell online to one and all in the USA lower 48 states, no APO or FPO addresses. I have friends who have their products. They are not Mormons. They steered me to this link online.
    This web page is the list or catalog if you will, along with prices of what is available to the public for purchase. No packing or warehouse interaction required. The price is aproximately $10 higher per price of 6 #10 cans (one case) compared to what their warehouse prices are for the same case of food. To me this reflects their shipping cost as the price they quote is what you pay with no shipping added. I have not bought online here, but my renter has. I will be in the near future once I get settled some in the new house. JMHO of course, but at the prices it;s worth looking into. Just trying to help out here. Y'all do whatever pleases you.
    OK, enough back and forth and BS. I just ordered 1 case of food online from LDS. Using the link shown above. All went thru just like any other online purchase. Now we shall see. Further update once food is received or not.
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    I just ordered a Food Storage Starter Kit...stay tuned!
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    Same thing I ordered this time. Most of their canned goods are supposed to be good for 30 years storage. Some 20 and some 10 years. I probably won't rotate much of this until I have a good quanity stored up. I will be breaking packaging on one can of beans, rice, and one of the oats. As long as all those are okay, I will trust them until I am somewhat happy with my total storage before I start using from it and rotating.
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    Well I don't know what your final price was with shipping, but I started an order with these people and went thru it to the point of entering my credit card number and finalizing the deal and was not at all satisfied with the final price. #1 they had a $50 minimum order. (no big deal, changed order to 2 pails of 45lbs each. that would be 90lb total. Price for merchandise now at $65. #2 shipping and handling came to $95, for a total of $160 for 90lb delivered.
    maybe just maybe, you live close to these people and your low shipping costs makes this a good deal for you. For me it was not even close to a good deal. I'll stick with the LDS online order site for me. 99lbs packed and shipped in cases of 6 #10 cans, 3 cases total, (30 year expected lifespan packaging and convienent #10 cans), total cost $105 which include sales tax and shipping.
    So lets recap; 90lbs bulk pack at $160 delivered, or 99lbs in 5.4lb cans at $105 delivered. We each gotta make our own choices. I for one have this one figured out. I still haven't given up on the LDS warehouse pickup which includes a days work and no shipping charges at $50 for the same 18 #10 cans of wheat, and you can bet your sweet bippy that won't be all I am buying when I go there.
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    I did not purchase it in the pails, but the bulk bag. I got one bag (50lb) of wheat and a bag (25bl) of rice. I'll have to look at my old receipts at home, but shipping was around $30.00, at the time.

    I already had the mylar bags and O2 absorbers, and I'd rather "do it my self" to save a little money.

    But like you said, we all make our own choices. I added the link to this thread to give another option for ordering supplies, and I had good service with them.
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    WheatMontana has great foods...and me being in MT doesn't hurt for sure when it comes to shipping.

    I buy my pails from EmergencyEssentials.com, however. I buy enough that shipping is nearly free. $120.01 or more and it's $12 for shipping on all but superpail orders. The superpails do req 200lbs be shipped but it's well worth ordering that much at once anyway. My last superpail shipment had 13 pails and shipping was, you guessed it, $12. Buy a years worth of food in #10 cans...and the whole batch will cost $12 to ship. It's unbeatable.

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    Nice to know. And, thanks for the info I will look into it for a larger order. ... but, you would think the web site would be a little more up front with that policy. IT IS A MAJOR SELLING POINT. My comments were in line with what I found at first look. And yet, both of us were completely factual. Go figure. Anyway thanks again.
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    Ok, I think I know what's going on. The Distribution Center sells/ships content but the canneries don't. ANd this is good to know because getting up to the canneries can be tough and my guess is the people who pack the cans and sell them through distribution are considerably better and more efficient at it then the individuals who do it at the canneries. I know when I've packed before, there are people who don't shake the content into the cans to get it to settle, or who don't get it within the 1/4" from the top leaving way more airspace than they need. Or they'll leave the bag of oxygen absorbers exposed to air inbetween batches causing them to oxidize a little.

    Well thanks for pointing this out to me! I might start ordering online to save me the trip to Missoula!
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    Great info guys! I knew our LDS friends would be ahead of the curve.
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    While we're discussing canned food storage, might as well throw this out there. Shelf Reliance came up with these (or at least the marketing thereof) "FRS" (food rotation systems) that I've seen among mormondom. I personally think they're catering to the lazy, but then, who really wants to date all their cans (especially when you're rotating through your year supply....for 6 family members) and rotate accordingly.

    Anyway...shelving for your canned food storage rotation:
  19. tacmotusn

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    Update on the LDS online order for the one case, 6 number 10 cans, food storage starter kit. I just received my order today. Starter kit consists of; 2 cans wheat, 2 cans rice, 1 can pinto beans, and 1 can of quick oats. These are canned and packed in such a way as to survive reasonable storage conditions for up to 30 years. I am quite satisfied with my order, and now hope to make a visit to the food distribution warehouse and canning facility in Jacksonville. Florida come spring or before when ready in new house. Online sale are available to one and all any where in the lower 48 states. :D My order went in on the 8th and I received it today on the 25th.
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    Thanks for the update. I did a quick google and search of the LDS site, it appears there is no LDS distribution or canning place in my area.

    I did a google search for can sealers,:eek:, them things are 'spensvie!! Anywhere from $600 to $1,000 for ones that seal a 10# can. YIKES!
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