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    I just wanted to make a personal comment on grain storage. grain mills, and alternative means of providing grain-based foodstuffs.

    Prior to Y2k, my ex and I began to expand our pantry- a concept and practice I grew up with and live with to this day. We bought a grain mill, hard red winter wheat, oats, rice, etc....

    To be short, the grain mill was TOO MUCH WORK. I suggested an alternative means of turning it- but when there's no electricity, a bicycle adaptation is about all there was for us. Our solution was to buy commercial flour, mostly whole wheat, in bulk, on sale, and DEEP freeze it for two weeks prior to sealing in sterilized 5 gallon buckets. We used bleach to wipe the buckets, towel dried them and closed them until the buckets were to be filled. I understand small bags of sulfur (flowers? of sulphur?) can also be used, as well as nitrogen charging the buckets. We did none of this, and I was still using the flour last last year- no difference between it and fresh-bought.

    Feed store grain was quickly discovered to be not fit for human consumption in that it spoiled from the inside out, even in dry storage (old freezers).

    Rice kept just fine in glass, and in the original bags, sealed in sterilized 5 gal buckets- no freezing.

    Other grain products such as oats, grits, cream of wheat, etc, also benefitted from freezing first. That which we stored unfrozen became musty after a few years. The pre-frozen did not.

    Lesson: On a budget, and from a personal standpoint- this is a viable alternative to bulk whole grain storage, and is cost effective as well.

    Another lesson learned- the kerosene we stored was souring at about the 8 year mark. At ten years, it had become unusable, in that it ruined the wick in the kero heater. STA-BIL would, I believe, have prevented that, but I don't know how that would effect it's usefullness in a kerosene heater. Same for gasoline, but the souring was much faster- about 2 years. We rotated that, in that the tiller, mower, chainsaw, etc, were fed from stored fuel. Sta-bil is now a staple in my storage program.

    Lamp oil. The kerosene lamps we use stink- maybe better ones would not. Lamp oil, purchased on sale at Walmart, is a beautiful answer. In fact, my best two kero lamps are Christmas plastic novelty lamps bought on sale at WM over ten years ago for 75 cents each!

    We buy canned foods on sale in case lots, rotating as used. In good times we stock up, in lean times we use. It's a simple program, easily adapted and habit after a while.

    Everyone can find a way that fits their lives, and build from the basics up.

    I may talk later about washing a well, and other things, but that's enough for now.

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    I just finished my list for my first LDS food storage warehouse/canning center purchase. They just recently adjusted their price list as well. If all goes well and I believe it will, I will be purchasing 618 lbs of food, all put up in #10 cans, sufficient to store for up to 30 years at dry temps below 75 degrees. All this amounts to 29 cases of food or 174 #10 cans for $767.
    Below I will list all I am purchasing in the following format; #of cases, item,total wt of item, total cost for that item.
    1, black beans, 30lb, $27.
    1, pinto beans, 30lb, $30.
    1, white beans, 30lb, $30.
    3, white rice, 100lb, $60.
    2, white wheat, 66lb, $40.
    1, red wheat, 33lb, $20.
    2, sugar, 67lb, $60.
    3, apples, 18lb, $90.
    2, carrots, 33lb, $90.
    1, macaroni, 20lb, $20.
    2, quick oats, 29lb, $25.
    2, onions, 29lb, $72.
    5, potato flakes, 25lb, $23.

    I will add bulk buys of Salt, Black Peppercorns, Dried minced Garlic, and other spices that hopefully will remain viable for some time, as well as dehydrated Cheese, butter powder, and sour cream to round things out for more palatible cooking.

    I am open to suggestions or comments. And, yes I know I am short on wheat.

    I plan on make additional quarterly purchases until I have a minimum of 1 years worth stored and in use.

    It has come to my attention that it may be neccessary for me to befriend a local member of the LDS faith to accomplish this purchase.... again it may not be neccessary if the Member I spoke to at my nearest LDS distribution center gave me correct info. we will see, and report back.
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    Regarding the LDS site.
    Are these dried beans or regard hydrated beans ready to eat ??
    They also do not say anything about how they are packed. $40 ??
    What is quality??


    Product Details ( Family Home Storage Pinto Beans )

    I discovered

    :: Welcome to Restaurant Depot :: today.

    These guys have lots of good stuff in #10 cans for great prices.
    They had cases of various types of beans in #10 cans for about $17 / case of 6 cans. Granted these beans were not dried, but were the heat and eat kind, but at that price why not? I am sure they have a shelf live of many many years.
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    The LDS warehouse prices are about $10 less per case for the items they ship online. Since they charge you nothing for shipping, one can only assume the price difference reflects packing and shipping. That is why on my food list the price shown is $10 less per case. The packing in the #10 can includes an oxygen absorber, for long term storage (20 to 30 years at least) and thus killing insects also. LDS #10 can of pinto beans are dry uncooked beans. The precooked #10 cans at your restaurant supply represent 1/4th the same food as dry beans and your storage is limited to 2 to 5 years maximum.... so you would need 4 cases X $17 to get the same case of edible food and yours would store for much less time .... so much for value.
    as to quality, their products are fresh and excellent.
    also as to precooked canned products, from grocery or restaurant supply. they will not last for many many years as you say. This has been discussed in detail elsewhere here in our archives, and people one heck of a lot smarter than me disagree with you on that as well.
    any other questions?
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    BUGGED out

    tacmotusn >> Thank you for the info !!

    With regard to the one box you got from LDS, was to discreetly marked on the outside? If I order a few boxes I really don't want it kmown what I am receiving in bulk.

    With regard to Emergency Essentials Superpails >>
    Yes I agree that with shipping that cheap I dont know why they dont advertise that fact conspicuously. Does anyone know if the buckets they ship are the same ones that are shown with all that attention catching advertising on the front? or where they received unmarked?

    I am really concerned about insects. I bought a few 50lb bags of rice last year and shorty there after had an infestation of bugs in my house I never saw before. TRacked it down to the rice bags. It was some sort of grain beetle. They were having a food orgy in the rice bags!!!! I bought this stuff at Costco. I went back to Costco and took a hard look at the rice bags and did not observe any of those those critters in the bags. So.... I guess they hatched in my house. My concern is that if I buy Superpails or even #10 cans... these critters will be inside hatching and having a big party. Does that oxygen absorber take care of that and suffocate them?
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    This is an issue I'm now dealing with. I have successfully stored Kero for over 5 years, in a shed with no problems. I did notice a few "flakes" in one of my containers. Maybe algae. Big enough to be filtered out.
    At any rate, I'm not taking a chance any more. I'm looking for a preservative. Sta-bil does not indicate whether or not it can be used in Kero. I take that as a "no".
    I just bought some of this product:
    PRI-D DIESEL & Kerosene Fuel Saver Plus GALLON Nitro-Pak.com The World Leader in Innovative & Affordable Preparedness Gear

    I have no idea how it works. It says it is good for Kerosene. I suppose I won't know the validity of that claim for over 5 years.
    One concern that I intend to test, however is how it affects the burn.
    Keeping in mind that most Kero appliances will be used indoors, purity is a top concern.
    I'm going to try a bit of this in a lantern, see how it smells and see if my CO detectors are affected.

    I'll post when I have results.
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    Re: BUGGED out

    For me and many the #10 cans are the ultimate in long term storage. Although these are bulk goods packaged for long tern storage, and yes I have been told the oxygen absorbers kill bugs, the #10 cans are of such an amount that once opened there should be little or no waste while consuming that quanity. Superpails and #10 cans from Emergency Essentials or the LDS I believe are all packaged with adequate oxygen absorbers that bugs should never be a problem while the pail or can is sealed. After opening care must be taken so as to not allow infestation after opening. Bugs and mice and rats have an agenda to survive just as you and I do. If you give them opportunity they will make your food theirs, ... simple as that!
    I have read, and been told that bulk foods such as rice or beans in cloth or paper bags from Cosco and others should be repacked immediately in air impervious bags, (ie; heavy duty freezer ziploc bags). Then before the bugs present can hatch out and start to consume your food, You freeze the bags for 3 weeks to a month. Supposedly this will also kill the bugs and then you can repack those bags into superpails or new metal paint cans and you are good for long term storage. These techniques are untried by me. I only have it from hearsay. If it works it would be easy enough. If it doesn't work .... well maybe, hello grim reaper.
    The LDS box is not discrete in the least. As much as you and I wish it so, it is marked quite plainly for all to see and read. Family Home Starter, contents; Hard Red Winter Wheat, two #10 cans. White Rice, two #10 cans. Pinto Beans, one #10 can. Quick Oats, one #10 can. all is safely gathered in panthlets on family home storage, family finances, and basic recipes. The production (packing date - in my case approximately 18 months before purchase) (for 30 yr storage no big deal). and last but not least, Welfare Services, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150.
    I have a rather extensive ready to eat home pantry good for 3 months or more. As I can I will be making purchases of long term storage #10 cans by the case as indicated in a previous post on this thread. I also hunt, fish, garden, am raising catfish, will raise rabbits and chickens again, and home can. No way am I independently wealthy, so I can't just splurge on everything I think I need for the worst possible cases that probably will come. It is a slow process of many small steps. Each step improves my odds of survival.
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    Thanks for the detailed info. The freezing thing to kill the bugs is a real pain, especially if you want to store alot fast. I am not sure if robbing the bugs of their air would really stop them from hatching out.. and I doubt the Oxy absorber removes all the air, just the majority. Maybe the best way is to irradiate the stuff with gamma rays. :D
    Ohh well,.,,, they say insects are high protien so maybe its a blessing to have your stuff infested.

    The LDS folks putting all that advertising on the boxes is a real shame.
    For this reason alone I will not order it, regardless of price. THat is really dumb on their part. People wan their privacy. I order a few cases of stuff by mail and tiold them to put brown paper over all the labels... they did and I was happy.
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    I would highly suggest that people buy a small quantity and learn to prepare Hard Red Wheat before buying a bucket of the stuff. You can pick up this stuff up at your local co-op or health food store in the bulk section. Store what you eat, so make sure you like to eat this stuff and know what it takes to prepare it.
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