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    Good to know. Thanks.
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    You know, if you could sell Ammo too. You'd make a killing in the Prepper Community. Cuz the two things the majority of Preppers worry about running out of are Ammo & TP!! [rofllmao]

    Just think, Half Pallet of 5.56 & Half Pallet of TP!!! [lolol]
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    Error in post 37 where I said it is single ply. 'Tain't, it's two ply. The plys are tightly bound by the embossed dimples. A good thing in my mind.
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    Consumer's Reports, May 2012 edition (yes, it's out) has a TP comparo. They didn't rate products with recycled content, saying that none made the cut. You might want to tweak them for the next go 'round and see if they have any interest. (I would put your stuff in above any of the Scotts cheap stuff.)

    FWIW, CR prices by the 100 sheets, which isn't reflective of actual costs chez moi. I prefer to think in terms of per use; if you use fewer sheets of high price stuff because it works better, the costs go down appropriately. That makes my standard pricy Northern look pretty good. The jury is still out on your stuff, but looks to stack up fairly well in that regard.

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    I'm going to place an order. Pricing looks good.
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    Hey Monkeys,

    96 rolls of 2-ply toilet paper delivered for $43.99. (Continental US)



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    Crazy...but we all need to wipe our ass, right?[bow]
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    is the $43.99 price a monkeys only special?? or has that pricing expired
    it is not currently reflected on the site.
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    Yes that is a monkey only special. PM me and I will take care of getting you some TP.
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    done. and Thank you
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    New site is up!

    Feedback please!
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    @ Ghrit

    Now offering Charmin Brand Bathroom Tissue

    For those of you with discerning bums... :D

    5% off for Survival Monkeys

    Coupon Code: Monkey Tree
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    I prefer your Priceless to Charmin. That said, neither quite match my standard Northern. Priceless is usable, Charmin isn't.

    By the way, how is that sample package project coming along?
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    Thanks for reminding me about the samples. I want to send you a couple more products to try. I have started my own brand...BULKTP!

    Have you seen the new sight yet?
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    Had a quick look this morning using the link in the first post. Clean site (and rather sterile ---:lol:) Could be better with more pix of the process and your storefront to go with the descriptions. That said, the pix could detract from the sales angle.
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    Its getting there. I still have a LOT of work left to do. Expect some "samples" in the mail soon.

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    Emergency Sanitation Solutions

    Click Here To Choose A State:

    Introducing BulkTP’s line of preparedness pallets designed to provide a complete sanitary solution, capable of sustaining a family of four for one year in both a “lights on” and “lights out” situation. Our sanitation solutions are designed to provide the basic sanitary items a family would need in both a short term and long term emergency. By including products such as laundry detergent and dish soap we provide a money saving solution for basic household supplies. All Products Are Proudly Made In America.
    One Low Price, One Less Hassle. Buy BulkTP Brand Goods and Save!
    40% more savings than if you bought the products separately.
    Products will be conveniently delivered on a pallet to your home or business.
    Free Shipping On Everything, Everyday.
    Each Basic Level Sanitation Solution Contains:
    · 1 case of our 1000 Sheet 1 Ply Bath Tissue and 5 cases of our 1500 Sheet 1 Ply Bath Tissue. This is designed to give you the maximum amount of footage for your dollar. This should sustain a family of four for well over two years. Total Weight=210 pounds of toilet paper or a little over 150,000 feet of toilet paper.
    · 5 Cases (30 Rolls) of our heavy duty center pull towels. Soft enough to use as napkins. Durable enough for the shop. Total Weight=125 pounds or 16,500 feet of towel.
    · 1 Gallon BulkTP Brand Instant Waterless Hand Sanitizer
    · 1 Gallon BulkTP Brand Dishwashing Degreaser and Detergent
    · 1 Gallon BulkTP Brand Blue Lotion Hand Soap
    · 2.5 Gallons BulkTP Brand Ultra Concentrated Laundry Detergent
    · 8-16oz Pump Bottles
    · 2 Boxes Sterile Glove 7mill Powder Free 200/Case
    · 6 Boxes Hefty Brand Cinch Sack Kitchen Bags (45 Bags/Box)
    · 8 Gallons Industrial Grade Bleach
    · 100 industrial strength blue dissolvable powder packets designed for portable toilets. Long lasting odor control when you need it most. Dissolve 1 packet per 5 gallons of water.
    · 2 complete bucket toilet seat kits

    40% less than buying products separately.

    Feedback is appreciated!
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