Bullet Proofing for Cheap. Need help ASAP

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by BadSCR, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. BadSCR

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    Bullet Proofing for Cheap. Need help ASAP, Please Help

    I live in a mobile home, I am a good DIYer, and I need a very cheap solution. (I am a male) [coffee2]

    There is a person that may try to kill me here soon, He is a Ex-Friend. He tried once with a baseball bat but I stopped him, the cops just let him go not even so-much as one night in jail. He is also scitsofrinic [loco](bat $%!@ crazy, and a druggy) He has got-a-hold of handguns in the past. He tends to hit when I am asleep. I have not had a good night's sleep in over six months. I have No Police record, He has a Book.

    His own mother disowned him, How bad does someone have to srew-up for there own mother to wash there hands of them. The one person in this world that is genetically programmed to love them no matter what.

    I do have a Surveillance system, good motion Lighting, and a single shot break-down shot gun.

    Please please Help.

    Bullet Proofing
    What I need to know is: (I can not afford $1200 for a 4'X8' armor)
    How much Plywood do I need to Stop ShotGun Rounds?
    How much Plywood do I need to Stop HandGun Rounds?

    How much anything do I need to Stop ShotGun Rounds and/or HandGun Rounds?

    How much plywood/anything do I need to Stop ShotGun Rounds and/or HandGun Rounds?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. BadSCR

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    He came by here, when I was at work and got into a fight with a Neighbor, The little $__ Got his a$ whooped. Last Sunday. 4/26/2009

    The Neighbor found him with a long pipe, standing in the bed of my truck.

    The shooter would be within 5 feet to 12 feet.
    He will most likely to have a handgun or shotgun. What ever he could find or still.

    Thanks, I know it is almost un-anserable.
  3. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    plywood is not a defense against any modern round
    Perhaps two sheets of plywood with built as a 2x4stud wall filled with sand,
    Get a dog don't be where they're shooting.
  4. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    call the cops file a formal complaint get a restraining order. keep the12 ga loaded with 00.
  5. BadSCR

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    I am trying to get a restraining order, The cops wants his address where he lives at ( I have no Idea where he lives at anymore). I think he is homeless now. I have an old police report from the bat assult and i am going to use it. I have the paperwork on my kitchen table.

    I think I am just going to try to build some kinda Advance warning system/ perimeter alarm to give me a 30 second warning that something broke the laser beam.

    I think bullet proofing is not realilistic, the best I can hope for would be to try to absorb as much of the bullets energy as possible or change the trajectory back to him.
  6. ghrit

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    Chances are slim that you can armor the house (or even one room) well enough to stop anything from outside to in without collapsing the supports.

    Four things that will help you, but not stop him:
    -Time (early warning; monitored perimeter. Not sufficient to put a detector on the drive, has to be all the way around and far enough off so you can be awake in time)
    -Distance (get outa dodge until he gets picked up for something stupid)
    -Shielding (armor)
    -and for sure, vary your habits going and coming, eating and sleeping. Go so far as to sleep someplace else irregularly. Put some lights inside and outside on timers, and vary the on off sequence.

    Make sure you have an escape route planned against approach from any direction. Include windows in your plan.

    And perhaps most importantly, get armed yourself. If you have time to wake up, you have time for defense.
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  7. BadSCR

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    He is legally insane and a drug addict. He is very good at doing the whole song and dance to get out of a mental institution.

    Yap, armoring the house is not really going to help.

    I could monitor the perimeter 160-Degrees at 200 feet away using lasers, witch is where he likes to come in from. that could give me 20 seconds at walking speed.

    He has been picked up for something stupid all the time and nothing ever comes of it. He all-ways gets off with a insanity plea.

    He B&E into a soccer field complex and started fires inside the building, they had whitnises and Very good Video with positive identification.
    Nothing no so much as a Night in jail.

    I cant go sleep someplace else.

    Because he is insane, I don't know if I should get a 50C restraining order and stir up the pot any. So far all he has done is vandalize and one assault with a bat. I am scared that if I get a restraining order it would push him over the edge and he would get the gun.

    Back when we were friends:
    He has had delusions that people where trying to kill him and delusions that I was one of them, he had a handgun and showed it to me and said that He had it to protect himself from me.

    Me the one that was there for him when no-one else was, Me the one that would put him up into a motel to give him a place to sleep because there was no place else for him to go.
    I have been nothing but good to him. No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished

    Thanks you all for the help,
    and good night

    P.S. I google "legally insane" realy fast (only like one minute)

    He is very good at doing the whole song and walk to get out of a mental institution.

    "In order for a criminal to be punished for his or her crimes, the prosecutor must establish at trial that he or she possessed the mental capacity to justify intent.

    In other words, he or she set out to commit a crime, then followed through with it. Without intent, a crime is not considered a crime at all, though the perpetrator will likely serve time in a mental institution until physicians declare he or she capable of returning to society. This is the premise for legal insanity, which is very difficult to prove."
  8. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Got two big friends,duct tape, one piece of plywood 2'x6' propped up on on end , A wet towel and a bucket of cold water.??
    he needs a wake up call and a disincentive to ever cross your property line.You are being harassed that can't be legal.
    he sounds like a danger to the community.
    There's always 12ga non-lethal bean bag rounds.

    The monkey can't recommend dangerous or illegal actions. Any references to either are to be taken for entertainment purposes only.Check state and local laws, your mileage may vary. Trained professionals on a closed course. Don'try this at home!.Don't submit video tape we will not screen it.

    ( Caution:I don't think mantrapping or booby traps are legal even on your own property.) but if somebody was going to war on me staying alive tops the law books.
    Adog,motion sensitive lights outside and rose bushes under eachwindow are legal and humanitarian.
    and "tangle foot" drive some discrete metal stakes in the yard ( short pieces of "dexion") and stretch wire or heavy monofilament randomly about 6" off the grass in the path of expected travel, won't stop a determined thug but it slows em down alittle additionally lace the yard with piles from the neighbors malamut.. in the expected path of assault.
    I gotta get up early don't get me started thinking up dirty tricks...
  9. QuietOne

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    Big plastic garbage bags are cheap. Filled with sand they have a good chance of stopping handgun rounds. They are also heavy when filled and may tear if moved.

    A layer of gravel is unobtrusive, easy to get and noisy if walked on.

    Do a Google search for "pir alarm". The cheap ones are less than $20. Expect false alerts if they are set where car headlights can hit them.

    If possible, move.
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  10. Quigley_Sharps

    Quigley_Sharps The Badministrator Administrator Founding Member

    get two pits bulls and be done with him......
  11. Conagher

    Conagher Dark Custom Rider Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    I'm with Quigs as for a quick viable solution with getting 1 or 2 guard type dogs, pit bulls, german shepards, dobies, rotties, etc.

    When the perp comes knocking let the dog take a huge bite out of crime......

  12. BadSCR

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    I have a single shot 16ga, and I am thinking of duct taping a LED flashlight to the barrel. I have a old sock on the stock to hold the shells.
    The redneck's tactical shotgun, LOL


    I like the Idea of sand. Build a wood box and fill with sand; AND add supports under the floor. The most I could do is 6~7 inches of sand for the bullet to stop inside of.

    How about replacing the sand with concrete.
    4-inches of concrete should stop a handgun?

    If/When he shows up, I hope he forgets the A.S.S of the B.R.A.S.S

    I have to go to work now, Talk to yall later.

    I live in a upscale mobile home park, most of the people in here are old white people.
  13. E.L.

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    My recommendation would also be sand bags, the floor in your mobile home is probably not going to be strong enough for concrete. Get a dog, or two. Good luck.
  14. Minuteman

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    A less invasive means of creating a bullet safe room is to build a short (3-4 foot tall) second wall with 2x4's and plywood. Then fill the gap with gravel. The bags of decorative landscaping rocks or even aquarium rocks work great. 3" of gravel with the exterior and the new interior wall will stop anything short of a high powered rifle round at very close range.
    The 3 to 4 foot second wall should run around the exterior walls of the room. I would do a safe room, preferably your bedroom. The hieght of the wall will cover you while in bed and you can crouch behind it if shooting starts. Not nearly as heavy or bulky as sand or concrete. Paint the plywood to match the rest of the room and it will hardly be noticable.
    Couple that with a good dog, guard type prefered but even a loud barker would be fine. Strong locks on doors and maybe bars on the windows and you could have a fairly secure retreat even for a mobile home.
    The doors and windows are secured, the dog is your early warning system, you take refuge in your bullet proof safe room, call the cops, and hunker down until they arrive. With your shotty aimed at the bedroom door.
  15. Tracy

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    When you contact your local law enforcement agency, ask them what they would suggest you do. What is legal in your area? What are your laws for trespassing? What about your HOA in your park? Are dogs allowed? Are guard dogs allowed? The altercation with your neighbor (and the bat assault) would show some intent, I would think.

    Ask, ask, ask until all of your questions are answered and you're satisfied. Your best weapon is between your ears.

    Find out where he lives. If he's stalking you; he'll be easy to find and follow. 'Tis better to be the seeker than the hider, IMHO. You'll have his home address and can file your paperwork.
  16. BadSCR

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    So all-together is that 3" of gravel OR 6" of gravel?
    I can make the mobile home handle the weight.

    Tonight the weather is calling for rain, So maybe like a deer he will stay bedded down some where.

    Cats are the biggest thing we are allowed to have; and I have a Cat.

    The altercation with my neighbor, The cops found him vandalizing some place near-by about an hour later. All the cops did was pick him up and dropped him off at the local hospital. Where he could milk the hospital for drugs.

    The local law enforcement agency is just beating-around-the-bush and giving me the run-a-round.

    The night with the bat, I had him held down and the cops didn't get there till 30+ minutes later.

    Last sunday the cops didn't get there till 45+ minutes later.

    He's not really stalking, He just shows up, It maybe 1:00PM to 2:00AM.
  17. Minuteman

    Minuteman Chaplain Moderator Founding Member

    2x4's are actually 1 3/4" x 3 3/4" so the gap in a 2x4 wall is 3 3/4". Imagine looking down into a wall from the top. You have plywood on both sides, your 2x4 studs every 18" and in between the studs is a void. Fill the voids with gravel.
  18. BadSCR

    BadSCR Monkey+++

    Ok, so it's 3-3/4" of gravel, good deal.

    I may go with 2X6 wall, 3~4 foot tall.
    I will also go underneath and add braising to support the added weight.
  19. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Very crudely (and conservatively) that's 100 pounds per foot of gravel filled wall, not counting wood and bracing for a 4 foot high shield wall. That wants some foundation.
  20. lunicy

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    A fight was never won on the defense. Get a few trusted friends and a rental van. Snatch him up. Blindfolded and duct taped. Beat the f*** out of him. Drop him off in the woods, in another state, naked.
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