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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Hanzo, May 6, 2017.

  1. Hanzo

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    My wife loves bulletproof coffee! So I make it for her.

    It is easy to make. Our version is coffee with butter and coconut oil I grind my beans every morning to make a nice French press coffee. My wifee and I like it and it is even marine approved.

    You can mix in the butter and coconut oil like my wife did originally. But when I blended it, it tastes so much better.

    I use Irish butter and coconut oil.

    Then I add the coffee, once it is ready. And blend it. Used to use a regular blender. But since we got a new Nutribullet that came with a metal container, I have used that. Easier.

    So to me, it tastes good. The fats also help with improving brain function. And the side benefit that I find is that when I drink bulletproof coffee, I am not as hungry in the morning and usually eat lunch later.

    But the main benefit is the wifee likes it. So she gets it. Happy wife, happy life.
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  2. Gator 45/70

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    You sir are a wise man!
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  3. duane

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    Coffee sounds good, may try it sometime, don't have a french press though. Advise on wife is priceless and I have the motto on the wall in kitchen.
  4. runswithdogs

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    Try making a buttered hot chocolate sometime (Bulletproof hot chocolate)
    Gotta use proper chocolate though (I use hasslachers) none of this powdered mix crap.
    & add a pinch of salt :)

    Also buttered chia tea is awsome (again, make the real stuff)
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  5. Motomom34

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    Someone gave me a french press but I am too fuzzy brain in the morning to deal with it.

    @Hanzo you said you got a new Nutribullet. My nutrabullet broke, the motor would not stop. I bought a Ninja so I can do larger smoothies for the whole family. I really like it.
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  6. Altoidfishfins

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    Happy to hear from you again, Hanzo.
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  7. Hanzo

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    Never tried those. Mahalo for the tip!
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  8. Hanzo

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    Mahalo @Altoidfishfins.
  9. Ura-Ki

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    HAHA, Love that blend of coffee. Spent a lot of time on the east coast, and they have some pretty awesome coffee ideas over there. BUT, the very best was official U.S. Navy spec Destroyer Fuel served aboard Dads Ship! Tastes awesome, and will keep ya up on watch the whole shift with out so much as a single eye blink.
  10. BobbyD61

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    Aaah! Love the bullet proof coffee! I make a mug each for my sweetheart and I every morning. My variation: Fresh hand ground dark roast coffee made with an AeroPress, then into the blender with the butter and coconut oil. I use xylitol sweetner for my wife, I never acquired the taste for sweet coffee. And @Hanzo, you're right about the benefits. All of them! Although, occasionally I can get into trouble as I might get the mugs mixed up (by mistake you understand . . . :D) and my wife's response can be quite comical!
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  11. Hanzo

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    Gotta take a video of the reaction, @BobbyD61. Just don't get in trouble. But I won't tell if you post it.
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  12. BobbyD61

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    I could start my own reality TV show :sneaky: Then again . . . TEOTWAWKI could come early for me . . .:eek:
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  13. Hanzo

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    Pay per view?
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  14. avagdu

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    I was on the bulletproof diet for about 8 months, including bulletproof coffee daily. It does help with food cravings, helps with alertness when you have to operate on little sleep and weird working hours. Krill oil also seems to help my brain function under less than ideal conditions.
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  15. Hanzo

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  16. arleigh

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    ya just have to wonder about people that don't like coffee .
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  17. Motomom34

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    The health of Bulletproof has caught on. They now sell all sorts of healthy products by the Bulletproof company Bulletproof | Power Mind and Body I will occasionally treat myself to one of the Vanilla shortbread bars. They are very rich.
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