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    Indeed grease and sweat are a very bad thing for a vest,Do not forget the damage of the bending and tearing getting in and out of a car or working.A vest is only for if it ever happen to limit the damage.And do not forget that if your ambushed the aim for unprotected parts!And as we see in many countries the walk around with RPG,s.Only in your dreams a vest will stop that :)
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    I saw this body armor Infidel Body Armor, Bulletproof Vests and Plates for Sale in Texas, Tactical Body Armor, Bullet Proof Vests, AR550 Steel and Hybrid Composite Plates at a show and I have been researching. The guy fit me in a carrier and the plates seemed heavy when holding them but the weight was not bad when I had them in the carrier. Still undecided if it is a wise investment.
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    It is a wise investment.... what works for you best... someone like @AD1 could advise best. Due to your size, I would suggest lightweight plates but they will be pricey.
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    The AR550 plates should work just fine for you, and seem to have the best secondary protection for spawling. I would get at least lev. III plates to stop pistol rounds and small rifle. Supposed to be good to .308 AP and the Lev 4 plates good to .300 mag AP! If your good at sewing, or know some one who can help, make your own plate carriers. For ladies with a little extra up top, I always recommend custom carriers, it's a hard enough thing to fit a plate correctly for us men of girth across the top, Ladies have additional problems with bunching and confining. Hopefully some one has come up with better carriers for the ladies since I was 'IN", the stuff back then was really bad. The leading ladies would get sores and rashes, and even bleeding, and some lost sensitivity to certain parts, if ya catch my meaning!
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    Holler if you want to learn about body armor. Built and sold it for years to the US MIL
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    I wore it for years and you shouldn't trust him, the stuff is sadistic. :whistle:

    [sarc1] <--- x
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    Yea no one who is not on the production or user end realizes how ficking heavy, hot and confining it is. I have worn my set for "training" where no one was shooting back and it sucked!
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    That is a very good point. I only wore it few a few minutes but until you wear it for hours++ you really do not know if it is a fit that will not chafe. There definitely is a difference in body shapes.
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    Pricey but worth it. Built in the US and sales directly to Delta, "6", Secret Service, SAD, ....... Tyrs products are the best.

    A good friend Jason Beck is the owner/designer and he offers FOAD discounts amd has female friendly versions.

    TYR Tactical
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    This is an awesome Company with Awesome products! The Women's set up is really a step in the right direction! My Wife is really interested in this set up, and the price isn't that bad for what you actually get! I knew some one had to have addressed this issue! Just wish my Poor Rotor Head Major had had this back when, her plates cause her way too much trouble, all the worse because we were the ones to treat while on alert. Poor gall, but tough and proud as they come, and never flinched when one of us was called to treat!
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    If she is interested, I can get a FOAD discount for you. Ususally 20%. I dont know if that is off of sale items.

    If you are wanting to buy "armor" in the package, you will need to file a notorized affidavit of need. I can find out what that entails if you wish.
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    Hey guys, new to the forum so please bear with me.

    Quick question, does shelf life also depend on the technology used? For example, I came across this article that mentioned a new technology that will possibly be used in future bulletproof vests. It's called Shear thickening fluid (STF). I was wondering if the shelf life would be different for this type of technology. Anyway, here it is, thank you:

    New Liquid Armor | body armor for sale | body armor for sale
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    I think with any new technology, you will not really know the shelf life reliably until it has been available on the market for some time. In short, the best thing you could do in the interim, is ask the manufacture or their sales rep. to provide whatever data may be available in regards to shelf-life, once the product is on the public market. It currently is under development so I doubt it will be available anytime soon.

    And welcome to the Monkey @rgunman
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