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    I was sent this link by a friend. Interesting picture study and "analysis" bullets shot through drywall, wood, and blocks. It is about 3 pages in length so hit next at the bottom.

    The Box O' Truth #2 - The Box Speaks Again - Page 3
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    he does some good work on some of the things and his post about the clothing shooting i found did not really work in a real world shooting ..

    one of the reports he did on the clothing and how bullets worked on the person body with not really that great with him just putting the cloths on front of the box instead put the cloths on the shooting box and then put in a mixture of ballistic gel with meat and bones and other things mixed into the mix and then the cloths are put on shooting box then shot with some diff rounds to see how they would react with the body ..
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    Back in 99 i made the range master very mad because of something that him and i was going at over the handgun round we had chosen at the time as a the basic duty round for a Glock 40.caliber handgun we where going to ..

    The problem with the round that he wanted to go to was not a proved record on the streets for stops like the one we wanted in rank and file member of the unit i was with at the time..

    So we went to the range to settle the argument about the rounds and set up two diff testings dummys filled with the mixture of ballistics gelatin with diff type of meats and bones that we got from the butcher shop and put them into the mix to make up the front rib cage and other area things inside the body cavity to make it show the damage of the passage of the round as it went through the body ..

    Both round showed that they where ok in some areas on regular things like the diff parts of the car and the car doors and windshields and when it came to the body shots the round we want was the better performance in the all around as a duty round

    So the test the round before trusting it with your life and read up on it and do not go with it because some large agency is useing it or whiz bang gun writer is saying this is the round to use in your handgun or rifle because they say so..
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    I have always held the opinion, that my Browning HiPower in 9MM, firing 125 Grain Jacketed HollowPoints, in front of my worked up load of Bullseye Powder, is sufficient for any human inside 30 yards. Anything farther away, than that, is where my Winchester 94 in 30-30 would come into play. Then again I have a Winchester 1300 Stainless 3" Mag, 12Ga Pump Shotgun with Extended Magazine that lives on pegs, just above the Front Door, and is loaded with a Low-Base #9 Birdshot in the chamber, and then alternating 00 Buck, and 1oz Slugs, thru the next 8 Rounds. There is NOT a Mammal living in North America, that can live thru that kind of firepower, if inside 50 yards. The Calibre and projectile type are fairly irrelevant if you can hit what you're aiming at, each time you fire your weapon.
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    BTPost your right about picking the right round to the right job and most people do not think before they buy a box of ammo to put into the handgun and think it going to work without a test on something that would act as the human body
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    Pigs actually make a better human analog.

    As for saying you did it in mexico? Erm, I think that just saying you brought weapons/ammo into mexico would bring you a world of hurt unless you are part of a government agency.

    I think ballistic gelatin will have to suffice for most official testing.

    water jugs will have to do for non standard test.

    either way. oooo So exciting watching the water splash.
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