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    As usual, I have more animals than I have pens for, and with two does due to kindle on the 28ths, I needed somewhere to stash 3 baby bunnies that I want to add to the breeding pen later on. Except, I'm out of pens and out of money to build more.

    HOWEVAH... I got to staring at one half of a 55 gallon plastic barrel that I'd had left over after cutting a bunch up to put under the other cages... and some 2x4s ... a scrap of OSB, and thought, I'm gonna make a cage. I had to buy the wire, and no one in town had the 1x2 square mesh so had to go with the smaller hardware cloth type.

    Pros: big enough for the kits to grow out in, wire floor up off ground so the droppings fall through, hard plastic shelter will keep out rain and wind.
    Cons: there's a lip around the edges where the 2x4 runs that will collect poop, didn't measure too great and have a gap at the rear so will need to plug that to kill drafts, low ceiling at 12" so not suitable for grown rabbits who won't be able to stand up
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    Necessity is truly the mother of invention.

    Way to take care of your need!:cool:
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