Buses and General Petraeus seem to have an affinity

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    I'm not sure about about General Petraeus's skills at throwing US Presidents under buses, but he sure knows how to step in front of one himself....with magnificent style and panache!

    In the good old days during the cold war, the KGB honeytrapping of CIA operatives was an occupational hazard....I never figured the Democrats might take a leaf or two from the KGB. Wow...Petraeus is so enmeshed in this scandal that he can't seem to give evidence in relation to the Benghazi embassy affair.....hmmm....I'm surprised that someone hasn't floated a conspiracy theory about this rather timely coincidence yet.....

    Disgraced Petraeus too busy with affair fallout to give evidence in Benghazi inquiry - Americas - World - The Independent
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    This begs the question, Does he still value any part of the West Point cadet Honor Code that he so recently violated? "A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do" (may not be an exact quote...and yes, he is no longer a cadet).

    If he is indeed hip deep in a Benghazi cover up, or at the very least has knowledge that is detrimental to POTUS involvement, then what is stopping him from coming clean and testifying to the best of his ability, since he has already admitted to cheating on his spouse and resigning his post for it, for the sake of the Constitution which he has sworn to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic?
    Dare I say there could be a not-too-subtle threat already made to the safety of family members, or the threat of his doing a "Vince Foster", and being found in some state park days later? (Aluminum foil hat firmly affixed....)
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