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    Ok here is a tip on how to catch a lot of fish that will be waiting on you like a dog waiting on his food bowl to be fixed ok first you need a nice hidden spot on the pond or lake I like to set this up around willow trees that have a deep spot buy them I hang a mess bag with some sort of road kill in it over the water and when the flies lay there eggs and they hatch out and fall in the water the fish eat them when they find it after a few days the pan fish will be around the spot just looking up waiting on something to hit the water I use a dough ball for bait as soon as it hits the water you have a fish.
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    I used to set bush hooks on a small river for catfish way back when in NC. Used pieces of pan fish for bait.
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    I still do that here in fla I target cat fish and gar used to target turtles to but can't do that anyway more.
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    Perhaps join this with a fish trap, and have bait and holding pen.
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    trot lines... work here
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    Onion bags make good maggot fish bait dispensers


    The same technique can be used as self feeders for aquaponic setups, and for chooks

    bags should have mesh large enough for maggots to fall through but which will still hold the flyblown meat.

    These bags are not usually UV stabilised, so a long term installation my require periodic bag replacement when the bag disintegrates over time.
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