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    Hi all!
    My name is Laura and I'm a Producer with Loud TV, a full scale television production company that creates a number of programs for various cable networks, such as The History Channel, Discovery, FYI, and National Geographic - including the smash hit, "Alone" We’re currently developing an exciting new series with a major cable network that will focus on self-reliant individuals who are well-versed in the art of bushcraft. We're looking for people who have the skills, determination and willpower to build functional and impressive structures using only materials that can be found in nature. The series will feature a group of self-reliant bushcrafters as they survive in the wilderness using only their primitive skills. If this sounds like a project that you or someone you know, might be interested in, please don't hesitate to email me at Laura.Spina@Leftfieldpictures.com or call me directly at 212-564-2607 ext. 2374. I've included our flyer below for more information! I can also send you a PDF version of the flyer incase you want to post it! Let me know.
    Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
    Bushcraft and primitive living is an acquired skill that you can work at your entire life, and still have more to learn. There are very few passionate, self-reliant survivalists who make the wilderness their home; by building a remarkable shelter using only tools that are found in nature and their ingenuity... living for months or even years on end. Are you a bushcrafter or primitive builder? Are you able to survive using only what is found in the wilderness? Can you take any found object and make it into a useful tool? Are you able to build an impressive structure using only materials found in nature? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this project could be for you! From the producer’s who brought you Alone on The History Channel and Tiny House Nation on FYI, comes a new kind of show that will feature self-reliance enthusiasts individuals who can adapt and thrive by what is found in the wilderness. Whether you’re a bushcrafter, homesteader, primitive builder or survivalist - we want to hear from you! To learn more, please email Laura.Spina@Leftfieldpictures.com with your name, contact information, a recent photo and a description of your self-reliance experience.

    Bushcraft and Primitive Building Project.
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    SHUA! :cautious:
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    You are NOT likely to get much of a Response from any of our Monkeys, due to most of them practicing OpSec, when it comes to Personal Information.... I would't give you the "Time of Day" with such an Approach, as you have presented above... Especially, after knowing what happens "In Front of, AND Behind the Reality Show Camera".... Been there, Done That, already, and NOT Interested in doing it again.... Oh Yea, and your Production Crew couldn't make it out here, where I live in the Alaskan Bush, a week.... No Cushy Hotel Rooms, to stay in, within 60 miles, and the only way In or Out, is by Boat or Bush Plane....
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    Well, we certainly do appreciate your attempt to recruit @Lspina --however, I doubt you will receive any luck from our member base. There's no harm in asking, though.

    Are you single, by any chance? :love:
    Just playing. *sharpens knife while watching American Psycho*
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    If anyone just happens to be interested in this project, it will probably be easier to contact the company directly rather than use SM as a relay station. They are in New York, so it's fair to say they haven't the least clue about what they want. You'll have to teach as well as perform.

    Go here, do what you have to, note that it is NOT a secure site.
    About Us « Loud Television
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    AH...........Nope! With OP-SEC priority number one, not going to happen! Sorry, but I doubt you get any takers!
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    My first thought was "Haven't these folks caught on yet? Leave the Monkey's alone".. Guess not.. Must be a city mentality thing. They know better than Those hick's out in Fly over land.
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    After the results of joining the USAF, I have tended to even refuse to join my mother in prayer and to refuse to volunteer for anything. No offense and I know it may well be legit. Am 78 years old and have seen a few thing turn out a little different than I expected.
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    Hasn't this been done already? Wonder why they keep trying to make the same TV shows over and over?
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    I've lost count of all the "producers" that have tried recruiting here on the monkey. Each time, they've run into the OPSEC lecture, and each time they've been advised in a slightly different manner to look someplace else. In truth, we do not know if anyone has actually opened negotiations, we've had no feedback regarding success or failure of the efforts.
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    I am ready to be a super star!! biglaff

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    Yep, YD, Our Monkey SuperStar.... NOT.....[sarc2]
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    I need not be ready for what I already am.....Superstardom seems to be a very trivial aspect of me. ;)
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    They had a show with a bunch of modern hippies homesteading in if I remember right Montana a few years ago. All built nice buildings with all the "ecological" features, had a great diverse community of like minded deviants with the correct view points, had free land, lots of help from outside, medical care, money supplied for resources etc, and come fall all the grass hoppers left and the show ended. They had no food, fuel, protection from the elements for their animals etc, set up for the winter. Nothing new, several early attempts to colonize the new American land ended up the same. Problem with most of the programs, don't know about this one, is that they try to show the dream that most of the population has that they can return to the simple past at will and make no changes to their life styles, in the real world the road to the west was easy to follow, it was defined by the crosses of those who died on the way. My grand father went to North Dakota in the late 1800's and homesteaded. Their parents helped with tools, animals, food, fuel, etc and they took the train, not a wagon. They built a sod house, suffered until the land was theirs, sold it and moved back home, and he kind of hinted that they came back with two new children, not much money, and a real hope that the return of the prodigal son was a real truth in the Bible.
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    Not so fast. I could fake my way through this. That's something I'm good at. [afro] *dials*
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    @duane You "hit the Nail on the Head" above.... It isn't so much what they film, in these Reality Shows, but what goes on Behind the Camera... and a Producer from NYC, trying to tell a "Story" about something that they have NO Real Knowledge, is a prescription for Total BS.... I will give you an Classic Example... When we did an Episode of a Reality Show, we dealt with a Asst. Executive Producer who was from NYC... Grew up in Park Slope... I was doing an Upgrade to their Comms System, and while the Construction Crew was mounting some Antennas and running some Coax, I had a couple of hours to chat with Her, and her Team. The conversation came around to a Scene, that the Owner of the Show, wanted, and DEMANDED, be in the Episode. It was to film AlaskaChick clearing Snow off our "Road that airplanes Land on" with our Road Grader. She was trying to figure out the logistics of that segment, and stated, "Bye to way, What exactly IS a Road Grader?" I was taken back, by that, and it took a few seconds to realize, that this lady came from NYC, and there haven't been Dirt Roads in NYC for almost 150 Years. There would be No Reason that she would have ever seen a Road Grader in her life. They use DumpTrucks with Blades on the Front to clear Snow, off the roads in Her country. So I dug win the Picture files on my iPad, and found a picture of AlaskaChick driving our Grader. while clearing snow, and showing it to her. She asked, if it took my wife a long time to learn how to do that. I replied that AlaskaChick was still learning to do Dirt, but snow was really easy to do... This lady was responsible for Orchestrating the filming of a Reality Show, about a family, living in the Alaskan Bush. The scene was included in the Episode, when it Air'd... Except last winter we had NO SNOW, so it showed her grading a bit of Dirt....

    Old Betsy, Our 1942 Austin Western Grader..... IMG_0086.

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    Bruce....that hurt. [monkeyeating] [fart]
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    YD, he was talking about himself.
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