Bush's Baked Bean recall

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    Bush's is recalling some of their product due to a faulty can. You do not get your money back but it is a heads up that you could open a bad can.

    On July 22, 2017, we announced a voluntary recall of certain 28 ounce cans of BUSH’S®
    Brown Sugar Hickory Baked Beans, Country Style Baked Beans and Original Baked Beans
    due to potentially defective side seams on the cans.This recall was initiated after our
    internal quality assurance checks identified the issue. Subsequent investigations indicated a temporary quality issue from one of our can suppliers. The problem was corrected and no other product is affected. As a fourth generation family owned business, we are guided by our values of integrity, caring, responsibility, and trust and we apologize for any inconvenience or concern this situation may cause. It’s important to note that, to date, no illnesses or other adverse consequences have been reported in connection with this voluntary recall; however, we
    urge you to dispose of these affected products immediately even if the beans do not look or smell spoiled. We are working with our retailers to ensure timely removal of affected product from their warehouses and shelves. https://www.bushbeans.com/sites/default/files/emergency/2017-07-22_voluntary_recall_notice.pdf

    Here is the info on the recalled or potentially affect cans-
    Here are the affected products:

    • BUSH’S BEST® BROWN SUGAR HICKORY BAKED BEANS 28 ounce with UPC of 0 39400 01977 0 and Lot Codes 6097S GF and 6097P GF with Best By date of Jun 2019
    • BUSH’S BEST COUNTRY STYLE BAKED BEANS 28 ounce with UPC of 0 39400 01974 9 and Lot Codes 6077S RR, 6077P RR, 6087S RR, 6087P RR with the Best By date of Jun 2019
    • BUSH’S BEST ORIGINAL BAKED BEANS 28 ounce with UPC of 0 39400 01614 4 and Lot Codes 6057S LC and 6057P LC with the Best By date of Jun 2019
    Bush also offered this visual guide to identifying products affected by the recall:


    Potential Botulism Risk: Recall of Bush's Baked Beans - The Organic Prepper
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    I'll have to look at what I've got , and if there is any questionable, I'll just add to the mulch.
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    Believe it or not I like their Vegetarian Baked Beans the best
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