But Can He Spell Hypocrite?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Minuteman, Sep 16, 2014.

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    I am so sick of these transplanted Brits coming to this country and then criticizing our laws. Another hypocrite making his living off of the "gun culture" then having the nerve to tell us how bad that culture is. Stay the hell out of our country then. He decided to immigrate here, so I guess it isn't all that bad.
    I had a Brit neighbor of mine start spouting this tripe and I asked him "Which country is the least violent, the US or England?" Of course he said England because they have strict gun laws. Nope, wrong. The UK has 4 times the number of violent crimes per 100,000 people as the US does.

    So tell me again how that gun control is working for you.

    Liam Neeson Speaks Out On Guns: His Opinion May Surprise You
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    Fixed it for you. And I agree, man.

    The UK has more bans in play now than ever before. Knives are a serious threat now, killing people at random. You would have thought the knives weren't as dangerous as the guns, but they are...they just have a mind of their own. Bad knives.
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    When I lived in England, I had British friends who were terrified at the thought of visiting America, absolutely sure that they would be shot stepping off of the plane. Having watched the highly selective news coverage of the handgun violence in our country, they would ask if it wasn't scary, living in America; if I didn't worry about being shot. I told them I felt far more apprehensive walking the streets of Bradford, Leeds, or London, than I did walking the streets of most American cities. Their thugs may not have had ready access to handguns, but it didn't make them any less dangerous.

    While I was living there, several people were attacked, and a couple killed, by a maniac who waited at stop lights in London, yanked open unlocked doors of cars stopped at the light, and attacked the vehicles' occupants with a butcher knife. It took the police months to finally catch him. I feel a lot better being armed and able to defend myself rather than hoping that the police will.
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    Doh! Thanks B, I misspoke, or mistyped I guess. I wish I could find that report. I just read it recently but it had crime statistics for US vs UK and it was really surprising. The incidents of violent crime in the UK was almost 4000 per 100,000 population whereas the US was 499 per 100k pop.
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