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    let me say this is NOT approved by the USDA canning guide.

    this is not canning.. this is taking a stick of butter, put it in a jar, melt it and wella canned butter! canning doesn't work that way. In low acid foods..and butter is dairy and no acid.. you would need to use a pressure canner and process at a certain PSI for a number of minutes.

    the other problem is you have to remove the fat from the butter. Like any oil it will go rancid in time. Yes I know you can purchase commercially canned butter from europe... but we can't commercially can at home.

    look at the process for Ghee, removing the fat and then can.

    I am interested in those that have done this and used it years later.
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    Anybody else verify this is dangerous and should be deleted?.Seems to me the temps(for the butter any way; would approach 240( my presurre canner with10lbs on the weight).jars and lids only get to 212
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    I tried the process of "canning" butter about 18 months ago. You must either keep the canned butter in the refrigerator or use it in a timely manner because it will spoil (experienced it). Sure, it'll keep much longer than open cubes, but it's not a long-term solution.

    That said, it's a very convenient storage form, and my wife liked using it instead of 1/4 lb cubes. It keeps very well stored in the garage over winter (if you have cold winters); otherwise, in the refer.

    The best long-term solution (if you like butter a lot) is to get a milk-producing cow/goat/sheep.
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    As has already been mentioned this isn't really 'canning'. This is just a convenient method for the short term keeping of a quantity of butter while in daily use. Butter spoils in fairly short order no matter how it's kept. Can't be helped. As a poor kid we used to get our milk from the local farmer and we'd skim the cream off and shake it in mason jars to make our butter. I got into a bad batch after it had gone rancid and I swore off butter for years! Was a bad weak... :sick:

    I am curious about http://beprepared.com/product.asp_Q_pn_E_FS D100_A_name_E_Butter+Powder Seems crazy to me that they can dehydrate butter...but heck if it's even close to the real thing upon hydration this looks to be the best bet for long term storage of butter. I'll be grabbing some in my next EE order to do some tasting. Only problem is that it only appears to be avail in #10 cans! Pretty large quantity for taste testing. [loco]

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