Buy gold and silver OR commodities YOU really need just to stay alive!

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    a very good read

    Surviving A Collapse: The Gold and Silver Game, by Capt. William E. Simpson II

    Guest Article: Surviving A Collapse: The Gold and Silver Game, by Capt. William E. Simpson II

    “….........Do Americans really need to worry about a financial collapse in world money markets leading to national rioting and chaos? History shows it has happened before in many countries around the world and many so-called experts say we do, but they are leaving out the most important details. ….................

    ….............But through the use of crafty psychological marketing, the elite have built a perception that gold and silver are now more valuable than the things people really need, like water, food, shelter, and other items that actually support life..............

    …...............But for the average American family, in the final analysis, the acquisition of gold and silver over the essential commodities of life is a failed strategy and plays into the hands of the elitists who intend to buy back all of the gold and silver in the hands of the masses at huge discounts when the markets collapse and people become desperate for the commodities they really need just to stay alive! …...........”
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    Americans in general have long exhibited a tendency of throwing money at problems to make them go away. This is apparent in government and the general population.

    When the economic reset occurs, then FRN's will probably be as worthless as Confederate money was in 1866.

    PM's might help bridge the gap many will face when their paper dollars become worthless and they discover the skills they possess to earn a living are useless in this situation, but depending solely on PM's to carry them through such a crisis is a risky strategy at best.

    Better to strike a balance here with some water stored and knowing where to resupply water within a reasonable walking distance of your AO. To have a supply of emergency food and have the skillset and seed along with a secure location to grow some food to augment what you have stored. To have shelter from inclement weather and security from marauders who desire what you possess. Also owning a skillset of value to others in a society with limited resources that will provide some kind of income, barter of goods or services thus enabling you to acquire what you need to survive.
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    Why should we worry about economic collapse, because the life expectancy for a world super power is actually pretty short. Our time is up, just like our nation debt. The economy of new former super powers really isn't that great for many years after the loss of super power status.

    Also everyone should be saving money for retirement. Who is stupid enough to believe that social security will take care of you.
    You can put the money in a CD or savings account in a bank but then it's in a bank and will not gain any value due to inflation.
    Or you can put money in the stock market.
    SHTF, or economic collapse well kiss it good bye because both of those are gone.
    If you read what this guy leaves out he is telling you either it's ok to put all your money in the stock market or don't save for retirement at all, rely on the government all the way and that putting money in gold and silver is dumb.
    So his advice is bad or incoherent at best.

    A good plan is diversity.

    What good are all your preps if shtf is economic collaspe and you just can't pay the bills. Then pack up all your preps and live out of you car in wall marts parking lot like everyone else, until they repo your car lol.
    Or don't buy gold and silver and pay off your house or car early. We paid off out place about 6 years ago and my wifes car soon after so there's some money burning a hole in my pocket.

    Another thing, gold and silver prices may be hitting 5 year lows soon.
    Why is this guy so bitchy and seem to have it out for gold and silver?
    Maybe he is one of those people who panic bought while it was high and is left with buyers remorse.
    The time to buy will soon be upon us.

    Only have pm as a prep isn't a prep. It's a dumb idea, just like the people who only hord guns and ammo and call it prepping, they will be just as dead as the pm horders when they run out of food or water.
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    Although I have some, I'm holding off buying any more PMs until prices drop, - agreed OP4. Same story with ammunition.

    Purchasing preps (food, sanitary and other essential supplies) is ongoing.
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    Gold and silver etc are 4 th tier preps. First is food , water and shelter. Second is guns, medical supplies, tools, better stoves etc. Third is paying off mortgages, getting out of debt and having a few months living expenses covered by savings etc. Fourth is bug out cabin, greenhouses, gold, trading materials, rental properties etc. While nice to have and necessary for the long run, don't do much good if you have died or are a refugee before you get to use them.
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    I buy land, Fertile land at that!
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    Land and ammo, stack both deep.
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    If SHTF you will need to defend your fertile land, I would prefer to stockpile food and water first, then guns and bullets so I can take your fertile land from you.

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    Probably won't be able to defend it for very long by myself, However I do have family in the area, We dug a few test holes last summer, Both have water almost to the top, Have a few drums full of beans ,rice, salt and seasonings, I should be able to hold out for several months.
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    This article carries on the tradition of thought that says that anything that does not have a tangible, practical purpose is not worth having.

    For that theory to work, one must assume that we will all wake up one morning to find that literally overnight the world has instantly decayed into a "Mad Max" type apocalypse.

    More reasonable people know that there is a whole lotta wiggle room between what we have now and Mad Max. That's where gold and silver comes in.

    It's true that you can't eat gold. But it's also true that we have a long way to slide before ammunition and milk become articles of currency, and most of us will be dead before we get there anyway. I suggest everyone come up with something to fill in that hole.

    I would not have clicked on the link had I known it came from SurvivalBlog, but I'm not really surprised. Their "prepper snobbery" and holier-than-thou elitism is so nauseating that I stopped reading them years ago. It appears nothing has changed since. I respect Jim Rawles' technical knowledge, but the guy is so full of himself that it's not worth tolerating the smug no matter how skilled he actually is; likewise for most of the people who write articles for him.
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    My sentiments exactly.
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    Read Rawles, he doesn't really allow comments and it is the selected material of the guru. Still the fact remains that he and the Woodpile Report do as good a job of any of keeping track of the pulse of the real world. I like the free expression of this blog. If you believe in the Lord or don't, if you wear a tinfoil hat under your helmet, if you love guns or hate them, doesn't seem to matter as long as you keep it civil and have something on survival worth sharing. The deeper resources are also very important. Strange as it may seem, I stumbled across this blog looking for a copy of the Geneva Bible, and got sucked into the rest of the blog. It would be nice to have an independent income and a ranch in the redoubt with 6 sources of water, totally off grid, and 20 years of food stashed, but it is not going to happen in my lifetime. In the short run, and while I am beyond that, a lot of people would be better off with 10 jars of tomato sauce, 10 lbs of rice, a few jars of peanut butter, a few cans of tuna, a jug of bleach, some LED lights, a 12 ga and a few boxes of shells. Can be moved, is legal most places, will keep you alive for a few weeks, and won't break the bank. Love the practical and mostly non judgemental nature of this blog and the wide ranging experience of those who participate. For me the discussion on hi tech sling shots is a lot more important and enjoyable than being told to stock pile gold etc. At 78 years old, can see a lot more advantages in discussion on using rat traps to catch squirrels or bank line fishing, than the advantages of silver or gold 20 years after the SHTF. Just my timeline, but for the 30 year old with some extra income, it may well be the most important thing he can do for his or her long time survival. I must be getting old, I can see nothing in this post that is political or judgemental.
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