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    As noted, Moto's option to attach the safe to the construction might be a bit limited unless the landlord is willing to accept the "modifications" to his property. He might be willing to talk about it if the work to restore is less costly than the deposit. But talk about it must be done (obviously) before moving the weight in.
    There's another possibility. You have no doubt seen those wires that hardware stores and gunshops use that are attached to alarm systems. If the wire is cut, the alarm is triggered which can then be transmitted to wherever the user designates. Why not just use something of that nature inside a light weight cabinet of the Stack-On types? Here's one example -
    8 Gun Security Cabinet - Ready-to-Assemble -
    These have holes in the bottom for wiring to warmers and lights (and for bolts if you want to tie them down) so no need to drill holes.
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    Well said...covered all the bases.
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    If I had a means , I would install a false safe , give the perps something to do that is virtually impossible and useless .
    build a secret room and again have a hidden safe with in that room should it discovered.
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    I've seen a nifty closet that had a sliding floor - it had a shoe permanently attached to make a handle. Also, on another forum there was a member who had the real safe in his garage and used HVAC ducting to hide it.

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    Actually, the doors are often the strongest part.....the rest of it is often fairly thin metal with a layer of fire resistant cement, and another layer of thin metal inside. A side grinder with a cutting wheel, a hammer to knock out the cement, and you can have a new 'door' in a few minutes.

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