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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by farmboyJD, Dec 30, 2011.

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    As I am setting up my off grid system, I've been taking my time in assembly. I'm not ready for batteries yet, and have been wondering about getting "dry" batteries, without the acid added, as I remember as a kid that you could get motorcycle batteries. Has anyone ever purchased and stored batteries without the acid? Any thoughts or advice of whether its possible?
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    Thanks for the link. I searched "off grid living" before posting, but didn't expect the answer to be in general discussion. It seems that I'm not alone with self sufficiency ideas and questions. That why I'm here.
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    Oklahoma City has dozens of Battery shops (not Service Stations or Auto Parts Stores - Actual Battery Shops).
    Go and talk with the owner/manager of the battery shop. They sell the electrolyte. Then all you need to do is buy the batteries dry without, or better yet, get them to sell you the battery's and electrolyte separated (get them to not put the electrolyte into the battery).
    Note, you can also get a oil additive for the wet cells that retards any plate degridation and allows you added protection and prolongs battery life. This is a good investment, but may not be available if you buy the batteries dry.
    I have bought many batteries over the years. This is an industry practice. In fact, even Automotive Batteries are shipped to the distributors dry. It is cheaper to ship battery's dry (they are not Hazmat until the electrolyte is added). Their electrolytes are added at the distributors battery shop before delivery to the Auto Parts Stores and dealerships.
    But you will not be able to buy a dry battery (a wet cell battery without the electrolyte) at an Auto Parts Battery Store - because they receive them from their distributor already flooded.
    Phoenix, AZ
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