Buying silver, where to start

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by rush81, Feb 3, 2010.

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    It's an easy call when the Fed has nothing left in their toolkit. But with 40B per month buying bond in the States the value of our dollar has just taken a hit, and will every month until this QE thingy ends.

    Plus they Germans didn't block the ECB Bailout fund. So theres like 640B USD earmarked for buying bond of countries that no one should really be buying bonds in anyway so they can get a way with paying a lower interest rate.

    Can someone give me a SubPrime Redux on a Sovereign level?
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    Stick to the more popular coins initially till you get a feel of what you like. In the beginning you'll probably buy the Eagles and Maples. Later on you can choose between bars and coins, as well as buy coins for their numismatic value also. In Europe, go with Liberty Silver, if you're in Asia-Pacific, Bullion Bourse. With US, there's of course Apmex.
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    I like the replies to the article below it. Says it all. Propping up Obama's run for re election. Get Gary Johnson into the debates etc. etc.

    More debt, more unemployment, more globalization. The United States needs to back away from the world again like we did before. Re assert our sovereignty, end the fed and put congress back in charge of our money. The biggest thing killing us is free trade agreements. One way streets that keep driving up trade deficits. The biggest problem is our money leaves the country and does not come back. It ends up in the countries that do the manufacturing. So we go back to the policy of if you want to sell it here you build it here.
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    I think it is important to realize there is something underlying the issue of FTA's. What is the role of government in free society? Are we to allow the government to demonstrate authority and control over commerce with restrictions such as tariffs, import restrictions,etc.

    Moreover, what right does the government have to say what people are able to do with their money?
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    I wish it were not our money which is going to be devalued by dilution.
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    Well it's been a while since anyone has posted, were 5 months into 2013 and just seen the Stock Market hit 1500 with free interest money supplied by the Fed. Another bubble is expanding.
    Heres a good site to check out Gold & Silver current prices. Silver Coin Melt Values - Coinflation (Live Silver Prices)
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    I am banking on the S&P going to 1800!
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    Does anyone have thoughts on investing in Britannia coins. Some articles say they are the way to go and other articles say low quality.
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    Any United States dime, quarter, half dollar or dollar that is dated 1964 or earlier is made of 90% silver. So go to your local bank and get $500 worth of half dollars and sort through. My wife used to be a teller and she would have retired folks come in and do it all the time. It is free money.
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    I heard that the 1/2 dollars are now machine rolled so the odds of finding pre-1964 are slim to none. Someone suggested nickles rolls have better success. I think I will head to the bank to see what they have. Today maybe my lucky day.
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    only nickles that have silver are from around wwii.
    you'll have better luck with finding 65-70 kennedy halves because most people don't know that they are 40% silver, but that is also a problem, most people don't know they are 40% silver.

    check out for current silver and melt prices for coins.
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    Just a thought for everyone out there...

    I think Gold is a bad buy right now for numerous reasons but silver could be just right. If the markets collapse it is probably going to degrade slowly and will give you time to exit from paper silver and buy into physical. For example: I own USLV and believe it is at a fair price right now. Over the past two trading days I have liquidated half of my trading portfolio and now hold it in cash and am waiting for the next buying opportunity. Watch Silver, Iron, and Copper. Silver is the riskiest of the three FYI.

    L/S 2X 3X Symbol Silver Fund Name Silver ETF Summary Objective / Tracking
    Long SLV iShares Silver Trust Fund Price of silver owned by the fund.
    Long PSLV Sprott Physical Silver Trust ETV Fully allocated, unencumbered physical silver bullion, held long-term.
    Long 2X AGQ ProShares Ultra Silver Twice the daily performance of silver bullion.
    Short 2X ZSL ProShares UltraShort Silver ETF Inverse of twice the daily performance of silver bullion.
    Long 3X USLV VelocityShares 3X Long Silver ETN Three times (3X) the S&P GSCI Silver Index ER.
    Short 3X DSLV VelocityShares 3X Inverse Silver ETN Three times (3X) the inverse of the S&P GSCI Silver Index ER
    Long SIVR ETFS Physical Silver Shares Price of physical allocated silver bullion.
    Long DBS PowerShares DB Silver Fund Deutsche Bank Liquid Commodity Index Optimum Yield Silver Excess Return.
    Long USV UBS E-TRACS CMCI Silver Trust ETN The UBS Bloomberg CMCI Silver Total Return Index.
    Long HUZ Horizons BetaPro ETFS COMEX Silver ETF Performance of COMEX silver futures. Canadian Silver ETF, Toronto Exchange.
    Long 2X HZU Horizons BetaPro ETFS COMEX Silver Bull Plus 2X daily performance of COMEX silver futures. Canadian ETF, Toronto Exchange.
    Short 2X HZD Horizons BetaPro ETFS COMEX Silver Bear Plus Twice the inverse of daily COMEX silver futures contracts, Toronto Exchange.
    Trading 2X and 3X Leveraged Silver Funds

    You should be especially careful when investing in or trading leveraged silver ETFs like the 2X or 3X funds because they present unique risks and characteristics. The leveraged funds may be intended for short-term or day-trading only. Long-term performance of double and triple silver funds may be different than the long-term performance of underlying silver or indexes.
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    I'm still a firm believer in holding shiny in your pocket* (*pocket in this analogy to mean being in your possession or physically under your control the actual asset in bar,coin, round, block or ingot)

    Because if it's electronic, it's just a ledger entry in someones book, and they may be coerced into nullifying it by use of force or fraud.

    Remember the greecian haircuts? What says it can't happen to a brokerage account? If it's electronic you are adding additional risk in my opinion but my opinion is worth exactly what you paid for it. ;)

    Just my 2 pre-1965 dimes worth.
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    What are your thoughts on these bullion cartridge castings? The only upside I can see is one could conceal them in an ammo case marked with the appropriate caliber if needed/desired. The big downside is I would be suspicious trading for one out of concern for authenticity.

    Silver Bullet Bullion from Northwest Territorial Mint
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    No, I do not want personally, mostly for the reason you outlined. Those are still pretty damned cool though.
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    Yeah, I'm going to have to go with the above. I'd stick to silver currency (90% us or 80% canadian or depending on your own country, what ever the older coins were) or a government mint produced coin .. but that's just me.

    I prefer coins that are harder to repro due to their intricacy.
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    I do not blame you guys one bit for wanting the physical stuff. From a prep standpoint and thinking it can be used as currency it is the smart thing to do. I believe that in a major meltdown, if we go back to 1200 AD, silver will not be in that high of demand. People are going to want to barter for food, water, ammo, etc. I like to idea of these ETF/ETN's because they can allow you to gain exposure for cheap without paying a middle man for the physical commodity. I then take the profits I make, if there are any, and buy preps.
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    I prefer possession of minted coins. I am not looking for investment gains or speculation. Just as a store of value.

    Back in the sixties a quarter, when plenty of them in circulation were still silver) would buy a gallon of gas. Today a pre-64 quarter is worth about $4.50 and will still buy a gallon of gas.

    I have a stash of old silver dollars and 90% coins. Now I am adding 1 oz national minted coins such as Silver Eagle, Canada Maple Leaf, Austria, Australia, etc. I'm going to start giving grandkids 1 oz coins on their birthdays to start them collecting, too.
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    I started doing that last year for kid relatives too. Cheap to mail, no need to shop, they can't really complain about it.
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