Buying sovereign territory through "Go-fund-me"

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by GhostX, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. GhostX

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    So I had this idea. Not that I think it would work how I would hope but I just wanted to bounce it around and see where it lands.

    So you read in the history books about how all this sovereign territory was bought up by nations back in the day. I think the last time a piece of territory was bought was about 100 years ago by the US if my research is correct. It is still legal for sovereign territory to be bought, it just simply isn't done. (Stingy bastards)

    I've talked to many people about what they think about being forced into this kind of indentured servitude we live in today and many would find it to be a dream come true to escape that. If everyone who thought that way pitched in $5, do you think enough money could be raised to buy a small country?

    Of course, the idea would have to be based on a solid foundation to catch people's eye. If a system could be worked out where this country could be lead by no government but the decisions of the people as a collective, well, do you think it would be an idea people would contribute towards? I keep on thinking about how technology has completely changed the game and if all the citizens could have a way to cast votes on the fly for the things they are for or against in the country, I think it would make for a very interesting result. The things that the votes are over 50% in favor for will be done and only funded by the people who voted for them. I think the idea of optional taxation would be revolutionary in itself. I don't know. Obviously this idea needs work but I think you guys get the idea of what I'm getting at.

    Besides working out the details, do you think such an idea is possible?
  2. Gray Wolf

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    A couple of possible snags that I see are:
    !. If only 50% of the population is in favor of something, it probably is not a good idea, should be at least 80% in favor.
    2. If works that benefit the entire public are paid for only by the people voting for them, many will not vote for it, hoping to have a free ride (enough others vote for it and they benefit without contributing to the cost)..
  3. Tevin

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    In addition to @Gray Wolf 's comments, your system cannot sustain itself.

    If the projects are paid for only by the people who vote in favor of them... then that would be a strong disincentive to vote for it! We already live in a system where one half pays and the other doesn't, and no one is happy with it. So how is your deal any better?

    On the up side, your system would by default weed out a lot of waste and fraud. It would force citizens to really, really think about how important/effective a project or program is and whether they believe in it enough to put up their own cash even if others won't. Liberals who normally vote in favor of every freebie and handout because it's someone else's money would have their bluff called.

    This system might work on a small scale, such as raising money for a neighborhood playground.

    Interesting concept...but it's fatally flawed.
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  4. GhostX

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    Yeah, more than likely in more ways than one. It is cool to think about how it could all start with a go-fund-me page though... but the other flaw is that it is unlikely that any country would be willing to sell its land. I believe the Louisiana purchase cost something like 386 million if compared to today's value. Who knows though? With a solid and well defined plan explaining what it would be and a promise of citizenship to those who donate, who knows what could happen?
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  5. Ganado

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    1) you have to have willing buyer AND a willing seller
    2) you ar throwing around alot of terms that have multiple meanings. you need to define your terms. what to you mean by sovereign? How you going to fund the voting?
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  6. VisuTrac

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    And lawyers will need to be involved. That may require a gofundme just for that!
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  7. GhostX

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    I'm basically talking about people contributing to buying a country since no one can exactly own the land they live on. Here in the US, you are taxed to exist on American soil or can be arrested for lingering too long on it. If you don't pay, you go to jail. From birth people are forced into an indentured servitude they are doomed to spend their whole lives in. They cannot devote their time to their families because the government requires their labor. I for one would really like an alternative option because this is not "the land of the free, home of the brave" as it was promised to our forefathers. Instead it has become "the land of the debt slaves, home of the hypnotized" with a government that recognises us as nothing but numbers and $$$.

    No one has a say in what direction the car goes besides the driver if the he doesn't give a shit about where the passengers want to go. Everyone is being dragged along for the ride so they can just sit down and shut up. Well honestly I feel like I'm about ready to say "Fuck your car". I want to ride with someone who would take better consideration to what stops the majority of the passengers want to make along the way. Otherwise everyone just jerks at the wheel and makes the driver feel like he needs to beat us back for fear of crashing. Just a matter of time before he really loses it and pulls a gun on us.

    You know, your right. I can actually think of a way that the percentage could be altered to reflect the cost of what is being voted for and how much people would be willing to contribute. I was just thinking that if people want some kind of goods service and if the majority wants to keep it, the payments will be low because so many people want it and are willing to pay for it. But if it loses popularity the cost will go up until no one can afford it and it can be discontinued until a vote to bring it back can be held.
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  8. ghrit

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    Life is too short to go into tha
    I can also think of a way to alter the percentage. Just send some deputies in and "suggest" the "right" thinking. I have to wonder, tho', about the 20% that still don't want it. How will you enforce the price on them? A tax, maybe? Or an eviction from the Cloud 9 where this civilization exists if they don't pay up?
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  9. GhostX

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    If they don't want it, they don't have to pay for it. I think people would find the no bullshit approach rather refreshing.
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  10. ghrit

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    Poof. There goes your equality, everyone getting the same and giving the same because they want to. Well, they don't, not everyone groks the same.
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  11. ditch witch

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    I'm curious as to how you plan to select the ones who come to live in your no government country. I would think you'd need an entire team of background checkers to weed out the slackers and general undesirables who imagine a land free from government to be one they are free to turn into something similar to an Occupy squatting ground.
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  12. BTPost

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    Here is an Interesting NOTE, about how this works in Alaska.... Property Taxes are local, as the State does NOT impose them, only Borough *County" or City can impose them... So, If you OWN, outside an established Borough, or City, there are NO Property Taxes collected, or Due, on your Land... There are plenty of places in Alaska where this is true....
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  13. 3M-TA3

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    You could always obtain sovereign land the way the cartels have done along the southern border - just take it over and the pussified Obama open borders government seals it off from the US population for their own protection, then does nothing about taking it back.
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  14. UncleMorgan

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  15. Bandit99

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    Instead of taxes why not a 'pay for play' type of system? I am just thinking off the top of head here but... What I mean is if you want to use the roads then you have to pay a yearly fee to drive on them. He you want to be covered by services, such as police and fire department and 911, you pay a yearly fee. Public projects like Sewage plant, Power plant or Dam could use some sort of Bond system to pay for them, need to think that through a bit more...

    As far as government...well, I would like to see a real democracy, at less a portion of one, where the citizens vote electronically from their homes or wherever on every law or regulation not the useless, do nothing Senator or Representatives. I would turn them into clerks whose job it would be to inform the citizens of the specifics of upcoming laws that they need to vote for or against.

    Actually, I bet you could purchase an island somewhere in the world. I am sure there is some dictator somewhere they would sell for the right price.
  16. arleigh

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    If i'm starten a new country I want it run my way.
  17. Legion489

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    Texas is seriously thinking of pulling out as is/was South Carolina. HI is mulling this over too. How about OK, they basically quit giving a good two cents what the stupid and feds want and are doing what is good for THEM and to hell with the liars and scum.
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  18. Dunerunner

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  19. GhostX

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    Well perfect. Let's buy an island in Fiji.

    ... no seriously. I think this could be worked out. I did the math and if 2,600 people donated $10,000, we could buy that island. Or if space is an issue we could cut it down to 1,300 people donating $20,000 each. That would basically be a down payment on citizenship. The actual property could be like another $10,000 or so to get a good start to the country but once it's bought, it would basically be that person's sovereign territory who wouldn't have to pay a dime extra for property tax. Of course you have to think about how the island can be divided up among 1,300 people and who gets the best land and everything but I think that is very doable for people willing to donate to this idea.

    To be honest, I'm about to receive a sum of money for selling some real estate and I can't think of anything better I would like to commit that money to. I need to do more research on this first before I set in to anything but this sounds like an amazing way to escape the game.
  20. Motomom34

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    @Tevin mentioned a community park as an example. I think that is a smart example to look at this way of thinking. Say a group of do gooders raise the funds, then build a park. I personally do not feel children need structured play but can use their imagination. If I contributed nothing but my children utilize that area playing with their friends. There is a probability that resentment will build. IMO the collective thought of all for one, one for all has died. I feel that people have become more selfish then selfless. In order for this to work, the residents of the area will have to be in it for the community. Also, who makes the decisions? It would be a waste of my time to be going to local meetings all the time to vote on stuff I have no desire for.
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