Bweer thief caught in the act....

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    Now wheres the damn church key....
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    My wife had a pet raccoon just before we got married. Sometimes she put it on a chain out in the side yard near the driveway. It was out in the yard one day while I was working on one of the family cars nearby. I went into the house to get a root beer, took a few swallows and set the can down on the workbench, and went back to wrenching on the car. When I went back for another drink, I found "Becky" sitting up on the workbench with the root beer in her paws guzzling like crazy. I didn't think root beer was good for her, so I grabbed the bottom of the can to take it away from her.
    She pulled the can up against her chest and growled at me. I told her "Fine, keep it", and went into the house and got myself another root beer!
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