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    an interesting response to pelosi's heathcare hand grenade": Found on "The sipsey street irregulars" blog.

    Sunday, November 8, 2009

    Resist the Intolerable Act -- "By Any Means Necessary"

    Dedicated Dad commented on my post "The Hand Grenade Within Pelosi's Intolerable Act." It is so good, I want to highlight it on its own.
    Though I find much in the life, philosophy and words of Malcolm X with which I disagree, there is one phrase of which I am perhaps more fond than he:

    By Any Means Necessary.

    This great Republic is filled with men who - like me - will not submit to tyranny.

    Though I have maintained medical insurance throughout my adult life - at great expense, especially during periods of unemployment - This I vow:
    if this disgusting travesty is signed into law I will immediately and permanently drop my coverage.

    Further, I will take any and all possible steps to avoid paying any taxes or penalties associated with this ridiculous abuse of power.

    Let me be plain: I hereby announce my intention to do everything within my power to willfully violate the so-called "coverage mandate" - for no other reason than the fact that I am a free man and will not be subjugated by this or any other regime.

    Let this statement serve as my declaration and confession of guilt - if I am without coverage it is due to a deliberate and willful act on my part.

    Further, let this serve as a warning that I will resist any and all attempts to use physical force to compel my compliance (or punish my non-compliance) by any and all means which are or may come to my disposal.

    By Any Means Necessary.

    Let me be clear: I have always maintained health insurance and will continue to do so - but an out-of-control government's demand that I do is probably the only thing which could PREVENT me from doing so.

    I am a citizen, not a subject.

    I will not submit.

    I will resist.

    By Any Means Necessary.[applaud][gun][gun]

    lots of 3%'r stuff there too
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    necro bumping.
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    What is with you today VT with all the necro bumps?
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    I see dead people?
    Actually there is some wisdom deep in the monkey.
    what was that saying, those that forget history are doomed to repeat it? Well, lest we forget ..
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    every time I set the dive planes to go deep I find something I have never seen before that was well worth the time spent looking. Of course, with as long as the Monkey has been around, theres lotsa stones still left unturned.
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    Yep, traveling back in time always finds me topics and ideas missed.
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