bypassing DRM to Fix Your Electronics plus plus Is now Legal

Discussion in 'Technical' started by sec_monkey, Oct 28, 2018.

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  2. arleigh

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    I have been fixing stuff all my life and never heard of this law .
    I'm not leasing it or renting it ,I buy something it's my property .
    Once you've put something up for sale, and some one buy's it, you have given up your rights to what it is or how it is used .
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  3. Merkun

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    Pretty broad statement. Might not be such a good idea with, say, a handgun. But with (say) electronics or the kitchen stove, I sorta agree.
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    What? Why in this world would you want to Keep a Say in what a Firearm, you sold to another person, was used for, or How it is used... When I sell a FireArm, part of the Bill of Sale (Contract) states that "I relinquish ALL Ownership and Liability to the item in question at the time of the completion of the Sale, PERIOD." Doing otherwise is just plain Foolish....
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  6. Merkun

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    You are among those that do it right, full bill of sale. Now, if you sell a handgun out of the trunk of your car in (say)Times Square, and it's found to be used "improperly" your ass is grassed when the buyer caves in.
    Now, if your computer wants fixing ---
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