Cableas being sold to Bass Pro????

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    Cabela's, the outdoors retailer, has long been one of my favorite shopping destinations. It's not simply a store brimming with fishing and hunting equipment. It's an experience. Even when I don't need anything, I will drive 80 miles from my hometown in Ohio to watch the fish in the aquarium, study the taxidermied game, or play in the shooting gallery. I inevitably purchase something. It's a smart business model.

    But the company now appears headed for a sale, and sadly, thousands of jobs may be lost as anti-gun advocates value a meaningless protest over the livelihood of hardworking families.

    Dick Cabela, helped by his wife, Mary, founded his eponymous brand in 1961, assembling fishing flies at a kitchen table. Dick's brother, Jim, joined the company in 1963. The company would grow to encompass 82 retail locations, large real estate holdings, data and warehousing centers, and even its own bank.

    The road to a sale, however, was nearly inevitable after Dick passed away in 2014. The stock has declined nearly 25 percent since then, with another quarter of weak earnings released at the end of July.

    According to news reports, Jim Cabela, now chairman of the board of directors, is rarely at the company's offices. The Cabela family does not have a strong presence in corporate leadership.

    And so with the company underperforming, it has been looking for a suitor, of which the most likely buyer appears to be Bass Pro Shops -- Cabela's closest competitor. If Bass Pro Shops is the buyer, the two very-similar brands would consolidate. There would be no need for two corporate headquarters, merchandise return centers, call centers and other offices.

    Read more here

    Shawn McCoy: Blocking Cabela's investment is no way to protest guns
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    We have about 6 shops in our town they are smaller sized and some are just multi-state brands like Bimart, Coastal
    etc. Anyways ammo, and firearms are always cheaper locally then Cabelas, and I could find ammo on line when I had guns until the boat accident cheaper then all these places. Cabelas is allot like Walmart they have everything some stuff low priced but really only bargains are on sale items. Don't get me wrong I like Cabelas but in Oregon Cabelas did nothing to support gun rights nor do they have to.
    But being one of the largest suppliers didnt back us I lost interest. Bass Proshops never been a big fan everything is way over priced in my opinion. I don't see Cabelas closing as a bad thing other then they carried vast amounts of firearms.

    What does concern me is Cabelas holds sale in records 10 years these will now be part of the sale no doubt and no longer secure.
    Question comes up whom will get the records of millions of firearms owners and who bought that bad black gun.
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  3. Tully Mars

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    I hate to hear this. A long time customer of Cabelas. Bass Pro just doesn't have the same feel to me.
  4. Yard Dart

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    I have been a big fan of Cableas over the years....sad to see this happen to another iconic business. I love to just walk the aisles drooling over things I "must" have....
    We have two local to my AO....wonder if they will have any big closeout sales?!
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    Have one just a couple miles from the wifes house.. And have frequented their home store in Sidney, Neb. just down the road from where she grew up.. Every time we went to visit her family, we would stop in and look at much I could not afford, well, there was the bargain cave. I could not afford what they offered and the one time I visited a Bass Pro shop I didn't find much that I just had to have right then at the prices they wanted.
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    We have a huge one, and it's beautiful too, sitting almost on the state line btw Washington and Idaho. It sits on the Idaho side.
    I seldom go there because of their prices, they are always higher than some of the other places. I did buy my gun safe there but that was due mostly that I was new here. We have a small store chain called 'Black Sheep' whose prices are so much better that I truly won't miss Cabalas. One would think that since they are so large they would have the best prices but that's not what I found.
  7. Motomom34

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    I love Bass Pro shop. Great place. The one near Denver has a shooting gallery (red dot) and has real ducks. I have never been to Cabela's. There are some around but I am a Bass girl.
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    Not good news at all.......Never was a Cabelas fan; a bit too pricey for me......
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    This is the sad story that has lead to the demise of too many great American companies small and large.

    The siblings only real interest when the founder is alive cashing pay checks and when the founder dies cashing in one last time by selling off the founders life work.
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    Hate the place, Ever time I go there its 1500.00 bucks or better.....
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  11. Tully Mars

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    While most of my stuff has been mail orders in the last several years, when I lived outside of Denver I would make the trip to the Neb store at least once a year. All of my luggage came from Cableas, and has seen heavy usage. Still looks and works great. Loved the bargain cave..[drooling]
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    The gun library is my fav... love looking over what they have!!
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  14. Tully Mars

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    The store that got A LOT of my money when I was in Colorado was Sportsman's Warehouse. Great store, at least it was last time I was in one;)
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  15. 3M-TA3

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    They reopened few out here a few years ago - one of my favorite stores, and my wallet is much lighter for having made the acquaintance as well..
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  16. Yard Dart

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    Same here, they have one about 30 minutes from me and carry a good stock/variety.
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  17. Yard Dart

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  18. arleigh

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    I've been to bass pro, and there is nothing there I can't get locally.
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