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    "CAFR", as in Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports? Ever hear of it before? Every county, city, state, and yes the Federal Government must publish an annual financial report. I bet you never heard of it before. How about the fact that only a small percentage of these reports are income tax revenue? The amount of wealth being kept from the people is astounding.

    This list will get you started, but it is best for you to research current information on your own:
    Index of /STATES

    I suggest this website as a prerequisite for those not attuned to how a CAFR works:

    Do a Google search for CAFR "and" your local City, County, School District, State University, State Retirement Fund, etc., download their CAFR reports and do reviews for yourself. Mr. Klatt (from the website linked at CAFRMAN.COM) can no longer do it for you and it appears no one else from within government will do it for you either. Mr. Klatt allegedly died mysteriously. This is the TRF which is often referred to in the video posted below: -link to tax retirement-


    Quite true. I remember cafrman's website, and I recall hearing about his death. Of course, what isn't brought up is how the IRS (see also Racketeering squad) funnels tax revenue to offshore accounts, and quite possibly even the Vatican. But I digress. There is so much room for black ops funding, (see also massive underground cities or "DUMB's") that we really have no clue just what extent the banking cartels and government execs are progressing with these secret programs. And now, the movie...

    THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN: The Only Game in Town - The Way Our Government Can Be

    The more you know.

    Hey, I remember Alex Jones covering this back in 2001. Full documentary linked below:
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