Cal Crabbing Ended Indefinitely Fukushima Contamination Probable Cause

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    The California crabbing season has been shut down indefinitely.

    Read here:
    Cali Shuts Down Crab Season "Indefinitely" Cites "Naturally-occurring Toxin," but Whistleblowers Reveal Real Culprit Is Radiation | The Daily Sheeple

    Now is a good time for a Consumer Alert: It is long past the time that ANYTHING harvested from the Pacific Ocean can be safely eaten. It is ALL contaminated with radiation to some degree.

    News Flash: There is NO amount of radiation that a person can be safely exposed to. None. Nada. Zero. Zip. Every X-ray, including dental x-rays are a game of radioactive Russian Roulette. The odds of death are small, but the chance of death is real. And, just like a winning Lottery ticket (only different) it WILL happen to someone.

    So: Eat no Pacific Whitefish. That includes those crunchy diamond-shaped fish sold at Long John Silver's. It also includes that yummy Imitation Crab Salad on the Food Bar in just about every restaurant chain. And any and all tuna.

    The "Crab" is made from fish sludge (surimi) that includes bits everything with fins and many things without--and it all comes from the Pacific.

    Surimi: 9 Things to Know About Surimi [Fake Crab] | Fooducate

    On a Japanese factory ship every iota of fish-like meat scrap goes through the surimi presses, because once it's bleached protein, it doesn't look like hagfish or some other creature of the Deep that you wouldn't eat if you caught it live. The above reference is sweetness-and-light, written by someone who's never seen the slime line of a Pacific trawler.

    Likewise, eat no shrimp except possibly Gulf Shrimp. There you are weighing a lesser radiation danger against a higher chemical toxin danger. Roll the bones, if you wish. (Hell, We all gotta go sometime!)

    ALL Pacific tuna and ALL Pacific Salmon is also contaminated. You won't see a lot of Pacific Salmon on the market this year because 99% of them died at sea before they could come inland to spawn. The Salmon spawning season this year basically didn't happen.

    I recently read an article about six prime sashimi-quality Bluefin Tuna that had were confiscated because they were too radioactive to eat--and they were worth about $230,000 per fish.

    As far as I know, the only fish you can now eat safely are inland-farmed tilapia & catfish--and the fish you aquaculture for yourself.

    The crab industry in California is a $60,000,000 a year industry. That's a lot of fees and tax money to the State. They wouldn't cancel that much revenue if they could possibly avoid it. The fact that they are cancelling it now merely means that they should have cancelled it three years ago.
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    I hate the thought of liking a post like this one, but because the message sucks is no reason to shoot the messenger.
    Well crap almost all the fish I buy and eat is a no no as far as health goes.
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    Maybe we could check our fish with a survey meter and see what we are getting? Might be a good habit to get into.
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    Whoa, Wait just a Minute HERE: This Daily Sheeple Article, is WAY LONG on BS Scare Words, and Very Short, ON DEMONSTATABLE FACTS.... This is a typical JUNK Science Diatribe, published by Yahoos, who likely flunked out of High School Physics Classes.. It seems to Quote some InNamed Commiefornia State .Gov Employees, Using all kinds of Really Scary BUZZWORDS, but they site NO actual FACTS, or DEMONSTATABLE Radiation Readings, from ANY Creditable Source or Radiation Lab... It is NOT like there are not any Qualified Radiation Labs in Commiefornia... Like Livermore Labs and others.. This whole Report, is 90%. BS, and 10% Pure Speculation, by Writing Hands, that do not have the slightest Creditability, in the Field they are writing about....
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    And they are probably allergic to seafood and don't want anyone else to enjoy eating.
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    It would be so easy to either verify or denounce the claims of Fukushima being the root cause. A simple test of the isotopes in suspect seafood would match or not...end of speculation. A clear YES or NO.
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    Fake Crab is Krab folks , at least in our fish shops same as farmed salmon MUST be listed ,, I'm very leery of some food purchases in USA . I read all the labels etc. We bought a bag of beans & not one would sprout , Monsanto style we found out way later. (not even safe as fish food)
    We just processed & froze halibut . I hand my hands had fishy smells for a few days .all the pups were chasing me .
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    @Tikka Lots of Pure Speculation being published as FACTs in the first Article... And absolutely NO Documentation, or actual Text Re suits to prove the Speculation...
    When you read the Second Article, the. Writer Does Document what he is saying with Text Data, that does show, an increase in Cesium 137 directly related to Fukashima, but the levels detected is orders of Magnitude below, Established Food Safety Levels...
    The third Article, repeatedly Documents tests of Fish products, from the eastern Pacific, and the Test Documents from OSU, WHICH CONTINUES TO MONITOR, these Fisheries, are similar to those Published elsewhere, by Creditable Radiation Labs that ARE monitoring these Fish Products....

    So, Who are we to believe... Some Yahoo who doesn't Document ANYTHING, and presents a whole lot of occurances.. Of independent observations, that haven't been proven to have ANY Connection to Radiation Poisioning in any Form, or Way, yet his conclusion is that Fukashima is the cause of it all, with no Documentation AT ALL.... OR, A couple of Articles, that Clearly Document actual TEST Results, by folks that are continuing to Monitor, the Fish Products in question... Just asking...
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    There is so much contradictory information; IMO, it is impossible to make any sense out of it.

    Old article, but at least scientists were involved.
    Trace amounts of Fukushima radiation measured in B.C.

    "However, the amounts of cesium-134 and cesium-137 in the B.C. sample were extremely low — just 1.4 and 5.8 becquerels per cubic metre of water respectively. Canada allows up to 10,000 becquerels of cesium-137 per cubic metre in drinking water.

    "Today's report is not alarming at all. It's kind of to be expected," he said.

    "We knew four years later it would be reaching our shoreline, and we had seen it offshore, and these numbers are quite small.

    "As an example, even if they were twice as high and I was to swim there every day for an entire year, the dose I would be exposed to is a thousand times less than a single dental X-ray. So the risk is never zero, but when I think of health risk, I always think of the Japanese side of the Pacific instead of ours."

    This is the best I've found
    "The samples will be evaluated in a portable gamma-ray analysis system and the digital data will be transmitted to FDA/WEAC lab for interpretation and reporting. This collaborative effort will provide the state with the capability to evaluate surveillance samples in-state for Fukushima radiation. A total of 26 samples of fish are proposed for analysis in 2016. This will include a number of species of fish (Pollock, Pacific Cod, Sablefish, Herring and Salmon) from the Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands, Bristol Bay, Gulf of Alaska and Southeast. Results will be posted to the Fukushima Radiation Concerns in Alaska webpage as they become available."
    Fukushima Radiation Concerns in Alaska

    Unfortunately, there is a lot of other sites hyping it.
  11. BTPost

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    That is Exactly why, I ALWAYS, discount unDocumented Publications.... They are, either just looking for Headlines, or have an AGENDA, and spreading lots of BUZZWORDS, and appealing to the LOW INFORMATION Sheeple, who subscribe to "Bad Living Magazine"... As Gospel Truth...
  12. Tikka

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  13. Yard Dart

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    I think this has more to do with getting the sheep to eat only farmed fish, like what you will buy at most large chain stores with artificial coloring. The .gov, and various PETA type interest, amongst many other special interest groups.... would be more than happy if the people would forget how to fish, hunt trap and so on. This is just another point attack against our way of life... using science as the tool of their objective. Much the same as global warming.... just another means of regulation to clamp down on "we the people".

    Coming from the PNW,. as many on this forum are, we would be the first to hear from the Fisherman that would be directly affected... if there was a radiation scare. BT, for one, can personally attest to the facts of what precautions are taken with his AO cannery.... in regards to food safety. If this was a real threat, we would hear it from the ground level.... not through some rag proclaiming an issue to scare the masses!!
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    @Yard Dart
    It is just our stupid media in their latest frenzy. Alaska's FDA/WEAC lab has blown it off as media hype.

    That being said, we are really picky about where the food we buy comes from. In Vietnam, they farm Sea Bass and Tilapia. The Tilapia are bottom feeders and eat the Sea Bass's waste. That sounds all natural until we know upstream is the latrine and past that is where they wash their clothes. No thanks to eating it.

    Europe is stricter. In many nations in Europe, the consumer cannot buy bleached flour. Only unbleached flour is sold. They will not import American beef or poultry because of the steroids and antibiotics. Germany imports beef from Argentina. Because they have stricter regulations than we do; most fish from Europe is safe.
    We buy beef and poultry from local farms. We buy eggs from a neighbor. We buy what we don't grow from local farms. We buy Bison from a local supplier. It makes a better burger, a lot more filling and no additives except for whatever is on the grass they eat.

    IMO, a lot of the food sold in stores is trash and not fit to eat.
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  15. UncleMorgan

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    I based my post on more than just the crab reference. I've been following the Fukushima debacle closely since Day One. For every cover-up article there's an expose article, and vice versa, and both sides of the debate buy their experts by the pound and teach them the Team Song to sing.

    So it's all really just a matter of viewpoint and personal preference.

    I'm trained and certified to work in nuclear reactors, but the training I took showed me in short order that I didn't EVER want to work in a hot environment.

    That, alone, makes me prejudiced.

    Everyone, in the final analysis, must make their own decision about the risks encountered in daily life, and the best way to respond to them.

    The smart thing to do, of course, is to study as much of the hard data as possible in order to make an informed decision.
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  16. ghrit

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    There's a spread on that subject in this month's Nat'l Geo. Worth the (somewhat biased) read, and hits heavily on waste.
  17. HK_User

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    Be sure to keep your record of exposure level of ionized radiation.

    I do.
  18. arleigh

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    What are the nay sayers going to be saying after their children are becoming more vulnerable to decease and it is to late to do any thing about it? When all the while that could have done something.
  19. AD1

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    This is why i bought one of these kits. I am waiting for spare funds to buy the tube for this.

    I got the version to test all particles : Aplha, Beta & Gamma.

    Alpha due to low level particles that can collect on plants/veggies that you might consume.
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    I'll look for it.

    I've seen waste; a truck load of string beans dumped because it had too much weed content.
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