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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Akheloce, Apr 16, 2009.

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    You know, I've always heard that you should pick a common caliber for the possibility of tight ammo supplies, especially in a post SHTF scenario. Most people argue that military calibers are great choices due to availability.

    As I was walking through the Sportsman's Warehouse today, I noticed a common theme with all the other stores in the area... odd calibers are readily available, while common ones are gone. Military calibers were the first to go. Want some .45? good luck. Literally, the ONLY caliber of handgun ammunition on the shelf was .41 Mag. in all flavors.

    I bought a Kimber in -06 just for the fact that as a rule, it's a common caliber. In Alaska, .30-06 is not that popular since many see it as inadequate for some of the larger game up here (I disagree). On the shelves, there were any flavor of .30-06 you could want, as well as .257 Roberts, .300 Savage, .220 Swift, etc.

    No .300 WM, .338 WM, .308, .223, etc to be found.

    Makes me wonder if the whole philosophy of common calibers for SHTF is flawed. In any scenario, people are going to hoard ammo for the caliber that they have, leaving only the oddballs available at the stores. (kinda like now)

    I'm really thinking about having my dad ship me up the old .41 Blackhawk, and looking for a really rare caliber high powered rifle.
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    That is why I have a 5.45x39, 9x18 and 7.62x25.
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    Good one's, however I still like the idea of being able to reload, as well as buy factory ammo (mainly for the brass). I think a 300 savage might be a good choice, as it is reloadable with usually available components, as well as being obscure enough to find brass/loaded cartriges for.
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    In the short run you may be right. However, for the long run i personally believe that the most common and present military calibers are the way to go. When the SHTF those for whatever reason that chose to be your enemy will be armed and carrying items that you may be able to use. Those items should be gleaned after any encounter if time and safety permits. what can't be taken for whatever reason should be cached nearby or destroyed. It only makes sense from a tactically viewpoint. I think much of the most common and military calibers will be available that way. Let us all pray that none of this becomes neccessary. I am sticking with .308/7.62x51, .223, 12ga, .22 rimfire, 9mm, and 38 special. I reload all of those except the rimfire and have a ton of it. Right now the only thing i am burning for practice is .22 rimfire. Everyone has to do what they think is right for them. Also where i am at, many of my neighbors and i will band together. The calibers above can be shared with most back and forth. Thats another consideration.[gun]
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    I dont believe when TSHTF, any ammo will be (common). Stocking up now is the best bet period. You can count on what you have, just like other EOTWAWKI supplies. I try to have at least 1000 rnds for every gun. Plus keep extra powder and primers, when I use-em, I reload-em. When marshall law is enacted, the shelves will be emptied of everything at once. look a katrina, a few hours and nothing was available unless big brother gave it to you.
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    i wasn't saying "don't stock up, just take it off the losers who attempt to take yours". what i was saying is that the most common civilian and currently in use military and police calibers, are those that will be most availble for gleaning after TSHTF. I laid in components to reload all my caliber choices. plus like most have 1000 to 5000 rounds of each ready to go, and now about 15000 22LR. I don't need more ammo anytime in the forseeable future. i hope to laugh about all this 4 years from now!
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    Not to be a smatazz: but "Marshall" Dillion buggered festus in the cell every Thursday night... The military marches to "martial music" people practice the "martial arts" ; the military is called on to enforce "Martial law".
    "Sorry that one just bugs me: Highly educated folks, mess that up all over the forums...
    That one and "Cry havoc! and let slip the dogs of war" is not about pitbulls but mechanical "dogs" on the gears of a great machine.

    Armchair Devils advocate argument:(Sorry,gotta fill my troll quota for the week)

    As far as picking stuff up..I've never been infantry; but I would think leaving your dead buddy's weapons and ammunition around is probably something you just don't do. and if the "enemy" did; you ("mad" Max) shoot your .243 or (45/70 or whatever) till its empty, if you are alive, and if there's recoverable enemy ammunition and you can grab it; odds just as high, there's a rifle somewhere too. So bend the.243 around a tree and pickup a "found 5.56" along with the "found ammo"
    Realistically what are the chances of either?

    Another kinda makes sense on the surface myth but what are the odds of it happening in real life.??
    So no matter what you start the "apocalypse" with; gleaning 5.45x39 and appropriate rifles from foreclosing chinese banking infantry.or 5.56 frpom mexican federales takes care of the caliber "problem". Exception: I guess ammo shipments could conceivably become lost( blackmarket or hijacked) without a "to the death fire fight," and in that case stealing say 5.56 and having an AR buried some where has some arguable validity.
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    I get told a lot that I have too many calibers, to date I have guns in.
    .22 short
    .22 Lr
    .25 auto
    I would like to add
    .38 and or .357Mag
    And one or more of the following.
    .223 WSSM

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