California adopts aggressive renewable energy standard

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    The new law is more flexible in accepting energy from wind projects outside California that can deliver power to the state’s grid.

    California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the most aggressive renewables portfolio standard (RPS) in the United States on Tuesday, April 12, enacting a 33 percent target for utilities by 2020.
    California’s 37 million people, energy demand, sheer land size and strong wind resources make its growth potential for wind power unmatched in North America. California, which previously had a 20-percent-by-2010 RPS, has about 2.7 GW installed wind capacity.
    The new law is more flexible in accepting energy from wind projects outside California that can deliver power to the state’s grid. predictions are this will create demand for as much as 28 gigawatts of wind energy in California and in other western states such as Wyoming, Oregon Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico,” “Other nearby states will sell wind energy to California.”
    California’s potential for 28 GW is larger than the current installed wind-energy capacity of Germany.
    this legislation has been in the works for four years. The legislation also received support from a broad range of organizations and companies that included environmental non-government organizations and labor groups.
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    Basically this just shows Kalifornia is just a BUNCH of Takers... You build the Energy Resources in YOUR Neighborhood, and well will buy all your power for OUR Neighborhood. We do not want the Energy Production in OUR Neighborhood, but we are MORE than willing to Borrow enough money from YOU, to buy your Energy, to keep OUR Lights on, even though we are Bankrupt already, and have little prospect of paying back ANY of the MONEY we have already borrowed, to pay for our own Services. What a crock of Smelly Stuff...

    Let those IDIOTS, make their OWN Energy, in their OWN Neighborhoods, and figure out how to PAY for IT, with their OWN Money..... and watch all the moneyed folks flee to other places to live, like they have been doing, for the last couple of DECADES....
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    Exactly. But if I were a power producer, I'd drool over the prospects of new potential revenue streams, and be really cautious about signing power delivery contracts.
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    Now Bruce.... If they leave Kalifornia they will just move in nextdoor to the rest of us at least this way we can contain them....;)
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    They are broke with a build it somewhere else for our advantage attitude.
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