Second Amendment California governor signs bill to speed up gun seizures

Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by Icefoot, May 2, 2013.

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    California governor signs bill to speed up gun seizures | Fox News

    I am choosing to pick on just one thing from this article: a statement made by the California Attorney General Kamala Harris:

    "California is leading the nation in a common-sense effort to protect public safety," Attorney General Kamala Harris, who oversees the state Department of Justice, said in a statement.

    Ms. Harris, I don't need my public safety protected. As if you COULD protect it. Which you obviously CANNOT. Only I can protect my safety in public and no amount of effort on the part of the state (as in all levels of government) can protect me from harm. So stop trying because the only thing you accomplish is trampling the Constitutional rights of citizens.

    I know they are talking about convicted felons, those ruled mentally unstable, and subject to domestic violence restraining orders. But there have been instances in California recently of overzealous enforcement expanding the definitions of these classes to include people who represent no threat whatsoever to the public (or even specific private parties). And as anyone who knows someone going through a divorce involving children, false accusations of domestic violence get filed all the time as a custody tactic. And I'm sure the same thing probably happens with getting rulings of mental instability.

    The other problem I have with this is the databases used for cross reference. Five of them. WHICH five? I'm willing to bet that at least ONE of them is a federal HIPPA violation to access in the manner they use.

    Ok. I didn't pick on just one thing... I'm just glad I don't live in California and feel sorry for those who do.
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    The inmates are running the asylum. Again, or still?
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    They will reap exactly what they sow.

    We will still be here, standing ready. Molon Labe.
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    Fixed it.

    Yeah, let's cross check 5 databases and if your name show's up in one, for some reason we'll decided at a later date, we'll take your guns away.

    Due process anyone? The thing with data maintained by anyone, is that it's subject to inaccuracies. Those inaccuracies could lead to the disarming of a person that is allowed to have arms. What will their recourse be? Just give up their firearms then take the CA guberment to court and hope/pray you get your firearms back?

    No thanks, glad I don't live in CA, and don't plan on visiting anytime soon.
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    I think the five databases they are talking about are those that have been running in all of the fusion centers through out the country since 9/11. And why does spell check on this board tell me that centers should be spelled centres? Grr mumble. Am I from England? Get off my lawn!!!

    State and Major Urban Area Fusion Centers | Homeland Security <---real terrorism
  6. I've been doing a little looking-into lately of the NICS system, for curiosities sake. What I've found is that while it's not nearly the clusterfuck that the myriad TSA "no-fly" and other associated lists are where it's been widely reported that thousands or tens of thousands of 'ordinary citizens' (countless small children, politicians, high ranking military officials, low ranking military officials, nuns, and damn near every other category) have had their names stuck in that list (or in many cases, it was just the unfortunate fact that they had a name similar to somebody legitimately on the list) and have had a hell of a time getting off it because the list is national security related and so there was no accountability or mechanisms built-in for redress.

    The TSA list problems is worthy of a whole book of stories in itself, but it turns out that the NICS list is not without problems, either, and just as with the TSA watchlist it appears that the accountability mechanism to appeal being falsely flagged is massively deficient to say the very least.

    "On paper," you can appeal a NICS check which falsely flagged you, but it turns out that the people who have appealed have had a hard time getting the government to fix the errors because... that's just government... it's not the governments employees life that is getting screwed over, so the have little incentive to do the right thing. It's not so much that they don't 'want to,' so much as it being case of the employees getting mired in a feedback loop of their own bureaucracy and sometimes are unable to fix their own error because there is no 'procedure' to do certain things, and anything that goes outside the established procedure... it's like they just draw a blank and the whole process comes to a stand-still.

    Unless government can fix that with bullet-proof accountability mechanisms (which among other things, should also allow you to hold public servants personally liable for mistakes), I can't support that.
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    24 Million FRN's to collect guns from 20k people... why not offer them 0100k each to turn the guns in instead of confiscating them....
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    If not resold, then who pays out the 100 bux per?
  9. Witch Doctor 01

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    Ifigure if that is the amount that they are already making the taxpayer/gun owner pay I'd rather the $$ not line some bureaucrats pocket...
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    I don't think this is really about guns. They are going to impose a 3% tax on gun sales. Supposedly this pays for a three year effort to confiscate more guns from prohibited individuals.

    Dies anyone think the new tax will go away after three years? Does anyone believe they will keep paying more police to do this activity after thus year? It is just another desperate tax scheme. Gun owners are the unfortunate target if the tax this time but I bet this scheme is playing out the same way fir many other industries in CA.
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