Second Amendment California Seizing Legally Purchased Guns

Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by Yard Dart, Dec 1, 2013.

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    Why Is California Seizing Legally Purchased Guns? |
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  2. ditch witch

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    24 million dollar budget. For some reason I was thinking California was bankrupt. I must have gotten it confused with .... um...
  3. techsar

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    ...uh yeah...then they sell the stolen weapons to the illegals to get the money back, plus state sales tax, of course. Heck, the federales can do it...
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  4. Dont

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    Why they may be thinking that they can make some money on this venture.. You know , the govermant way.. Pay out way more than you get!
  5. stg58

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    It is clear for the dems that when the Constitution or the bill of rights fit their purpose/definition it is the gospel when it does not it is a very loose guideline or something to be ignored.

    Hence the eternal debate from the left on the coma and the term militia:
    A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    By hook and crook the dems are trying to delete everything past the coma...
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  6. Yard Dart

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    They can always find money to spend on projects that deny citizens their rights....after all it is the citizens money they are spending-not their own.
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  7. Dont

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    Would appear that Cal. is on the brink of paying to keep the votes coming in on their side and going broke. And strip the means of the people to resist all efforts to institute their socialist utopia. Perhappes we need to refuse to allow those in Cal. to move to other states, so they may enjoy what they have created..
  8. Brokor

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    Nah, there are some great people still living in Cali who do not like the system the way it is. I take it you said this tongue in cheek though. It is kind of sad because of what is happening, too. The corporations use major cities to implement utopian and draconian legislation, which also has an effect on the rest of the nation. In more forward-leaning cities like many of those in California and New York, a hardliner politician is usually at the helm, steering the State into the abyss. This is not only a sign that the people have failed, but it is also a foretelling of what is to come in incremental fashion.

    A bit off track, but worth a comment --I am a bit of a fan of Science Fiction. Not everything in the genre is reminiscent of protocols I would choose to admire, however. Have you ever noticed in most Sci-Fi, how guns/weapons are primarily in the hands of trained military units, and the average citizen is defenseless? Even in Star Trek, the crew keeps their "phasers"/"tazers" in storage lockup until ready to use? The society of the future is expected to be advanced and civilized, and according to some philosophies, citizens owning firearms is a big no-no. Also, whenever we read about or watch these fictional stories from the future, the human race belongs to a united world, with a single group or elected individual in charge. This is because it's all following the same ideology, a militaristic order based on each person fulfilling tasks based on skill and need. The skill of the individual is exploited, typically by some unforeseen influence, and the needs of the world order are met with obedience and service of each individual. Everybody is expected to be a professional, and work is each person's primary focus. The stories aren't always without their attractions, though. Some of the benefits may be higher education, better healthcare, security, and sustained nourishment by careful rationing. Even in a modern, space age controlled society, the strings attached to numerous benefits are usually laced in gold and portrayed as necessary or good. Yet, those people live only to work, even with occasional entertainment and vacationing. There's very little focus on the family, and if it is shown, it's typically one or two children at most. Population control, nature preservation, world government, order, peace, security, healthcare, food and shelter provided...all major tenets of the goals we are struggling with today.

    Of course, today we have only the illusion of liberty while being caught up in a senseless disposable society focused on mercantilism and corporate profit margins and a monetary usury scheme designed to bring about global economic collapse and despotism. What's next on the horizon, I wonder?

    Some certainties are unavoidable when comparing the Science Fiction world to our own. A few would be a unified world order, militaristic society, population control, heavy governance, and if corporations exist at all, they are cartels.
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  9. kellory

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    ....and if you wear a red shirt, and you face is unfamiliar, you will not be coming back up from the planet! YMMV
  10. Brokor

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    lol! Those poor recruits...:(

    Yes, the future is in outer space. The real question becomes, will we even survive long enough as a species to actively explore space and populate on other worlds? We certainly would not have much of a chance to do so as a divided world comprised of individual warring nations. This is one of a few primary premises involved with modernization and the evolution of humanity.

    Did you know the thoughts of some "elites" includes perceiving freedom as "free dumb"? That is to say, liberty on the individual scale is equated with stagnation. No progress can be made as long as people are selfish --and the needs of the State are to be primary because it represents the whole. Just something to chew on.
  11. kellory

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    Arguing facts not in evidence, councilor. You can not know the thoughts of others. (Unless. They happen to be stupid enough to allow them to be published.)
  12. Dont

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    Tongue in cheek? Well, Yes.. Matter of fact my tooth has gotten tired of it all and has firmly clamped down on the tongue and the lips are left to flap in the wind..

    We can never have world of peaceful coexisting nations as long as we have some that place NO value on anothers life, as they may come from another tribe or have differing belief's..
  13. Brokor

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    Yup. Some of their books are found in our very own downloads section. Others are also written in "law".
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  14. Finster

    Finster Simplify, I'd say more but this says it all.

    Confiscation is bad enough, but 24 million to grab up 1200 guns? I propose they just buy back the guns from anyone who is "no longer trustable" for the projected cost to "CONFISCATE", um my math comes out to $20,000 each. There aint a criminal in the world that wouldn't give up his "illegal, legally purchased" firearms. Heck they can have any 5 of mine for $20k.

    They can do it my way, eliminate risk to officers, medical insurance, additional pension expense, training, fuel, and paper work, etc. etc. AND avoid constitutional infringement. Or they can do it their way, and ask for even more $ next year.... I wonder which way they will go?
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  15. Dont

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    California??? Come now.. They will of course follow their tryed and proven course of action.. The true communist way of course!
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  16. Byte

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    Well sure your way is about common sense and using a logical approach to reaching a goal. Theirs isn't and never will be. Their way is the projection of force and always will be. All that money going out of the public treasury can only go to them. Plunderers aren't in the habit of handing out the booty!

    There's just one teensy weensy fatal flaw in this logic as I'm sure you're fully aware. The system is already built wholly upon confiscation...of our wealth & freedom. And this projection of their power to take away our means to defend against that confiscation is just a small part of the overall scheme. It's illegitimate power. The whole damn thing is a farce. They know it & they know that some of us know it. But they are willing to kill anybody to maintain it. We that do know it are awaiting the tipping point where enough people know it and are willing to put a stop to it.

    OK so maybe it's not a teensy weensy flaw...
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