California's drought in our farmlands, man made

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    I live (unfortunately)in Southern California, I have lived here since 1978. Diamond Valley Lake is the LARGEST man made lake in California and is fed directly from the Colorado River Aqueduct system. The water levels have dropped to incredibly low levels, yet when when I asked an employee at the lake about the levels, "Lack of rain, pretty simple."

    Bad things are coming, this lake is a "No human Contact" body of water and used for drinking water and has nothing to do with farming.,0,2371886.photogallery<A href=" border=" alt="" 0?>

    Water Wars: Your Food Supply Is Threatened

    • Cassandra Anderson
      September 21, 2009
    Congress Caused Drought

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=416 align=right border=0><TBODY><TR><TD height=16>[​IMG]</TD><TD></TD></TR><TR><TD width=16></TD><TD width=400>[​IMG]</TD></TR><TR><TD height=8></TD><TD></TD></TR><TR><TD height=8></TD><TD class=photo-caption width=400>The Congressional decision to ‘protect’ the Delta smelt minnow, in which they justified the federally imposed drought, under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), a federal law, infringes on the Constitution’s 10th Amendment.</TD></TR><TR><TD height=8></TD><TD></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
    Are you aware that your food supply is threatened? The Central Valley, a 500 mile stretch of land, dominating the central portion of California, providing over 50% of America’s vegetables, fruits and nuts, has had its water source cut back by up to 90% in farming areas.
    The snowpack from the High Sierra Mountain Range on the eastern border of the State melts into the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers, through the Delta and subsequently out into the Pacific Ocean. However, over 40 years ago, a system of canals and irrigation pipes were built to divert water from the Delta and export it to Central and Southern California, thus creating the lushest and most productive farmlands in the world, until it was shut off in May, ruining the Spring growing season.
    The water, crucial for farming, has been rediverted back into the Pacific Ocean, during a drought! The Congressional decision to ‘protect’ the Delta smelt minnow, in which they justified the federally imposed drought, under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), a federal law, infringes on the Constitution’s 10th Amendment (States’ Rights).
    Conveniently, this situation will promote the United Nations’ goal of ‘interdependency of nations’ if we have to resort to importing food from China, South America and Mexico. California is resource rich, and this is a farce, an illusion. This ‘created crisis’ echoes Joseph Stalin and the Ukrainian famine wherein he accomplished his political objectives of controlling and appropriating land from the self reliant family farmers.
    You may be surprised to learn that the source of the pollution has not been addressed: up to 1 billion gallons of partially treated sewage is flushed into the Delta daily by Sacramento, Stockton and 11 other cities, as well as mercury from hundreds of abandoned mines. Therefore, the water has been diverted away from farmlands to dilute the pollution instead of remediating it.
    Currently, the 2 major pumps (CW Jones and Banks) have been turned back ‘on’, but only a small fraction of water is going to farms. Water is still being pumped into major cities like Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo and San Diego, but it is NOT going to farms in many counties; Fresno has been one of the hardest hit. There is water sitting in the canals to prevent them from buckling and collapsing, but the water is not being delivered to the dying farms and the reservoir has been depleted.
    AGENDA 21- Sustainable Development

    • The United Nations’ “Agenda 21″ and “Sustainable Development” are interchangeable terms, according to Michael Shaw, an attorney, CPA and expert in this field. It is an all encompassing program to depopulate our world by 85%. “Agenda 21″, and its accompanying 1100-page “Global Biodiversity Assessment Report”, is being esecuted at present in the Central Valley, along with the “Wildlands Project”.
    Mr. Shaw provides us with the following background from the “Global Biodiversity Assessment Report” (pg 773), that discloses the following disquieting policies:​

    - “Population growth has exceeded the capacity of the biosphere”
    - “It is estimated that an “agricultural world,” in which most human beings are peasants, should be able to support 5 to 7 billion people.”
    - “In contrast, a reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material standard of living would be 1 billion.”​

    Further, Shaw also shared that Agenda 21/ Sustainable Development is a plan to erase humans from 50% of American land; these “Wildland” areas would prohibit extraction of resources, including water!!!

    Shockingly, Sarah Woolf, from Westlands Water District, reported that the States’ water usage is as follows:
    48% Environmental

    41% Agricultural

    11% Urban

    When I asked her what ‘environmental’ meant, she said it was for federal wildlife habitats and wildlife projects. Nearly half of all the water in California is allotted to federal projects!!
    Additionally, Michael Shaw reported that California’s water rights laws were modeled after Texas, which has strong laws that protect the private landowners’ rights regarding water on their land. However, these 2 states are under attack by the globalists for this reason. Legislators are trying to revamp those water policies because water districts may not usurp the overlying landowners’ primary use of aquifers. The water districts have tried taxing farmers for extraction of water from their own wells, aiming to convince them that the water belongs to the State, but when these cases are taken to court, the California Supreme Court consistently rules in favor of the landowners.
    Could this be the reason that the Bay Area Council is so interested in calling a California Constitutional Convention? As you know, if a Constitutional Convention is called, the entire Constitution can be changed and/or eliminated. You can go to the ‘discussion’ meetings promoting this here: , and be sure to bring flyers explaining the danger of this to the attendees.​

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    Funny, the delta smelt aint on the Endangered species list. It's all part of the one world mumbo jumbo. Save the whales, starve the masses.
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