Tails Call for testing: first alpha of the revamped greeter

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    You can help Tails! The first alpha for the revamped greeter is out. We are very excited and cannot wait to hear what you think about it :)

    What is the greeter?

    The greeter is the application that lets you choose your language, unlock your persistence or add an additional setting at Tails startup.

    What is new in the revamped greeter?

    Nearly everything you can see! We worked for more than two years with designers to redesign the greeter interface.

    How to test the revamped greeter?

    Keep in mind that this is a test image. It didn't went through our QA process and is not guaranteed to provide any security or anonymity.

    If you find anything that is not working as it should, please report to us tails-testers@boum.org.

    Download and install

    Tails 3.0~alpha1 ISO image including the revamped greeter

    You cannot install Tails 3.0~alpha1 from Tails 2.x. It is impossible as well to upgrade to Tails 3.0~alpha1 from Tails 2.x. So, either install or upgrade from a non-Tails system, or start Tails 3.0~alpha1 from DVD and then clone it to a USB stick.

    To install the test ISO, follow our usual installation instructions, skipping the Download and verify step.

    What to test

    The greeter should show up after Tails boot:


    Don't hesitate to test weird options, and verify they are taken into account in the Tails session.

    If you find anything that is not working as it should, please report to us on tails-testers@boum.org.

    Known issues in the revamped greeter

    • The greeter is only available in english of french

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