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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by MountainMariner, Oct 21, 2015.

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    So in my solar powered cabin (which does have plenty of 12vdc lighting.) I use kerosene laterns and candles for lighting. Rarely use the 12v. I'm satisfied with my lanterns but NOT so much with my candle lighting. So what I'm looking for is a great candle system that can kick out serious light, if there is such a thing with candle lighting. And for the candles themselves, is there a way I could make my own out here simply? And cheaper than store bought candles?
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    I'm no expert on candles. I do know that when you put fatwood in a camp fire, it burns brighter. Different substances tossed in the camp fire will change the color of the flames. Also am pretty sure these may not be best for inside a cabin. My point is that maybe what the candle is made of could influence its brightness. I would be interested to know what you find out.

    Other thing is maybe more/bigger wicks make for more light. I made a buddy burner with bees wax and that flame can be pretty big. And like an oil lamp, just add more wax and it keeps going. That's usually how I "reload" it too. Add wax, let it melt and snuff it.
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    Mirrors and glass will help reflect the light from a candle, making the room brighter. I also have some glass pedestals that I set my candles on and this helps to illuminate. Rule: if you want more light, stay away from dark colored candles. Go for the white, cream or yellowish candles. In the winter I burn the three wick candles more because they put out much more light. I do think the three wick candles burn faster but that is not an issue with me.

    It depends on what store bought candles you buy- Walmart vs. Yankee. Or if you only burn soy candles then to buy the soy, wicks, double burner (or improvise) etc... set up is an investment but once you do, it may be worth it. 50 Hour Soy Survival Candles this is a good how to and since they are in jars it should help with reflection.

    ** I use flameless candles. They are battery operated and come with a remote. Mine take AAA. I have rechargeable batteries and a solar charger. The flameless candles work great.
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  6. Ganado

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    Bees wax candles burn brighter than tallow candles but are more expensive.
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  7. MountainMariner

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    Researched a bit today and think I found two products that might be worth checking out. One is the Coleman Northstar Candle Lantern and the other is the UCO Collapsible Candle Lantern.
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    When we loose power for extended duration, we resort to the flameless candles as Moto suggested. We have a ton of batteries and a lot of these type of candles for area coverage. Much safer in regards to fire hazard which is important for us as some may be unsupervised while on.

    I have a lot of traditional candles as well and as the others have suggested, stick to the light colored type ones for better light/illumination. Another trick is to place the candle on a 12X12 inch mirrored tile.... much better reflection of any light coming off the candle going downward allowing for better dispersion in the room!!
  9. Dont

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    I have tried lighting the cabin with candles and they worked well enough to keep me from smacking my leg on a stool.. However for doing work or reading I found them to be inadequate for the task. I used Wal Mart candles.. I also use oil lamps with similar results, however, placing a mirror behind it significantly increased the illumination of the room..Also, careful trimming of the wick helps with how bright the oil lamp burns..

    I have settled on using white LED Christmas tree lights.. They use little energy and do a pretty decent job in illumination.. Still, have Bee's will provide me with supplies to try my hand at candle making and we will see if Bee's wax will burn brighter..
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    Just out of curiosity - do your lanterns have the tendency to give off a kerosene like unpleasant odor?
    My wife is cleaning out her parent's house and ran across some oil lamps. Just wondering if they could be put to use without ending up gagging on the fumes or maybe a nasty headache.
    I have an old wick type kerosene heater. Heats pretty well but in a confined space - choke, gag.
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