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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by preliator, Sep 11, 2006.

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    Hey Monkeys,
    I wanted to take a minute to let you all know of a great cause we are fighting for over at my forum called the Gulch (link below).
    We have an old friend who was recently diagnosed with in-operable Brain Cancer. Bottom line is he is short on time on this planet and were trying to ease his burden just a little bit. As known the cost of treatments are incredibly high and with not being able to work he has exhausted all his savings for transportation to and from (Maine to Boston) for treatments.
    I would not be here asking if it not were of a dire set of circumstances. We have set up a number of items for raffle. Items of interest for the homesteading mindset. I would like to invite you to come by and take a look, if you are interested. One of the items we are raffleing off is a brand new never fired Marlin Pappose in 22 cal. for 10 bucks a pop.....and i will cover the ffl cost on my end as well as shipping.
    there are a few other items and items will be coming as we build this up a bit more. below is a direct link to the raffle section of my forum, please just stop by and take a look.
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    I also know the guy the raffel is for and he is one of the good ones.

    I may have to see if I can get in on the raffel to help out as well as that a pappose would make a nice addition to the BOB that stays in the truck.
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