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    My daily use pack is a Camelbak Rim Runner. I use to use a MULE but found that I actually wanted to carry a bit more comfortably and the MULE was at it's peak. Having kids I find I have to carry a bit more stuff to cover not only me, buy my family too.

    The Rim Runner has two main compartments. The main comportment is a large open one. It is narrower at the top, but expands to hold a lot of stuff as it goes down. The front is a smaller pocket that has several small compartments and netting inside to sort those small items that you find yourself using often. The outside has a zigzag of bungee cord that allows you to strap smaller items or jackets to the outside. The bungees go thru a daisy chain which allow you to hang items from them off of caribiners. There are two small pouch style pockets on each side that you can place water bottles or other items that you want to be able to reach without removing the pack. It isn't an easy reach. But it is possible.

    The bladder pocket (it is a Camelbak) is located in the back with it's own zippered pocket. It holds a 100oz bladder of water. You can access the bladder to refill it while the pack is full since you don't have to get into the main compartment to reach it.

    The back of the Camelbak that rest against you when you put it on, is very nicely padded. And has venting built into it to allow the air to flow to help your back dry out when your sweating. The design is also meant to spread the weight around on your back making for a more comfortable carry.

    There are four expansion straps on the sides that allow you to snug the pack up to keep items inside from moving around. And also help to take up the material that is left over if you don't pack the inside completely full.

    Shoulder straps are very well padded. And that is a good thing, since the belt on this pack is meant for to stabilize the pack rather than to support the weight of it. A sternum strap is located on the shoulder straps to help keep the pack straps from falling off.

    A grab strap at the top of the pack make it easy to carry the pack while it is open without spilling everything. Another loop at the bottom of the pack gives you someplace to strap something or to hang the pack upside down to clean it out. Camelbak doesn't mess around when they make a pack, and I'm not nice to the onces I own. They get thrown around and bang off trees and rocks all the time. I have never had one rip or start to fall apart on me yet.

    As my everyday trail hiker. I really like the Rim Runner. I carry a lot of basic survival stuff that should get the family and I back home, or, lets us spend the night without freezing or starving. And it carries all of it rather comfortably. Not as well as a frame pack. But this is just meant to get me out and back again. And it does that well.

    If it was just me. I feel confident that I could easily carry whatever I needed to get out and back again for up to two or three days in this pack. It would be a great pack for moving fast and light. This will be my wifes B.O.B. if we ever have to flee.

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