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    This is the 4th Lev-R-Loc knife I have owned and one of my favorite carry knives.
    Made with AUS 8 Steel it takes a sharp edge and the Carbonitride Titanium helps fix the problems I have seen with AUS 8 steel wearing...this knife has a mechanical lever on the left side of the knife that aids you in opening the knife but is not a switch blade.... This particular knife has a drop point with a partially serrated edge. I would rate it as follows:

    Scale of 1 to 5

    Take an edge: 5 Takes a sweet razor edge

    Hold an edge: 4 even with the Carbonitride coating doesn't hold the edge as long as some other steels (may be due to heat treating)... but holds the edge better than some of my other knives.

    Ease of use: 4 This is a great knife especially for those who may have problems with strength /flexibility in their hands due to arthritis or limited use of the off hand. while it's not a switch blade it is easy to open with one hand with the lever... unlike some "flick" knives the lever allows you to open it easily regardless of the blood, grit, muck it may have on it.

    Lock: 4 a strong lock blade that holds the knife steady with no wobble or give
    Scales: 4 uses G10 scales, a fiberglass laminate that is really tough. no chips or scratches on any of my 4 knives in over 6 years of moderate use.
    Cost: 4 moderately priced from $30.00 t0 $55.00

    Over all I give it a 4+ one has found it's way to my BOB ( 2 1/2" blade exceeds the size allowed at my workplace). a Great knife..
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