camo rifle paint job technique

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Tango3, Aug 1, 2009.

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    I like the paint jobs!
    I checked here at the local hardware store....
    They get $6.85 a can for the paints!
    I figure I'll have to SAVE-UP for a bit first!
    With tax it'll be about $50.00 for 2 cans of 3 colors....
    That will do nearly all, if not all, of my long guns...
    Now all I have to do is convince myself and my son to paint those wooden stocks!
    They look awesome, but unless I strip the slick finishes off the wood, the paint would just rub off in no time....
    Probably prep with 3-M pads and some acetone......
    Now, I found that the 'desert camo pattern' works here around Phoenix and the immediate outlying areas, but is like HOT PINK up north on my land!
    I'll have to do more of a forest green/dark brown pattern to work up there!
    ( the best matching camo pattern that I have found that exists today, that is as close to perfect for up there, is the "British Disruptive Pattern")
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    I love a nice wood stock be easier to take spraying one of those black plastic ones...
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    I think I may just use a "wrap" for the rifles....for the time being anyways!
    If my son wants to go for it, I'll let him!
    He can always strip and refinish the stock/s if he screws it/them up!
    I did find some cool material today, ($1.50 yd.), it's a dark olive green, really fine mesh, finer than mosquito netting, and doubled, I can't see my face in the bathroom mirror with the overhead light! ( I have white hair too!)
    It makes for a great scope camo material!
    No reflection, flat, not shiny at all.....
    maybe with velcro or black elastic, I can fashion some covers that won't slip or fall off!
    I bought 10 yards of it, and it's 24 inches wide.....So, I cut out 4 pieces that were 3' x 4 ' for head covering, and bought some more natural burlap, (10 yds @ $2.74 yd.), and cut out some 4 ' x 6 ' pieces for lining the fishnet pieces for ghillies.
    Dying this stuff is easy, but NOT cheap!
    I figure it takes 3 pkgs of dye per 4' x 6' pieces. ( about $10.00 per yard?)
    Cut into 1 1/2-to-2 inch wide strips before dying ,makes it easier to handle and control!
    I use those to tie on to the netting, along with camo colored yarn to make ghilles......Costly, time consuming, aggravating, and tedious, but, they can be matched to the exact foilage in the area you intend to use them!
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    Yeah, I like the wraps - plus I can change them according to conditions - winter, summer, fall
  6. CRC

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    I have a friend that makes them, in all different camo's...Met him thru another board, and met him & his family one year on vacation.....He sells them cheaper than you can make them.....He even custom made me a flamingo wrap for my first AR build.... :lol:

    I'll get in touch with him and see if he's still doing it...They're really nice...!
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    Let me call Ric....because you really don't want me to go to the site where the pics are....:D ;)
  9. CRC

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    Well what do you know? I found one...and I talked with Ric. So good to reconnect with an old friend.....He'll be checking in. :)

  10. Minuteman

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    I have one of his wraps. Don't recall where I found the ad at. Gunbroker or on here maybe. I love it! I have been wanting to order some other colors. Hope he shows up and gives us some info.
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    Hey Guys and Gals,
    I will not be able to respond to emails for a couple of days because I am making a trip to Mass. Im not trying to ditch anyone who is trying to email me.
    Currently we are not making the covers due to lack of material.
    If anyone haves an A2 plain jane configure basic AR15 I have some Covers for that type or rifle they were used for pictures and early trials..
    If anyone is interested in them, (package deal) please email me before Monday morning Because I'm leaving 4:00AM.
    my email addy is
  12. CRC

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    Glad you showed up back here again, Ric!

    Always good to see you.... :)
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    Personally I'd like to have several of the "sock" type camo covers, in:
    woodland, desert, and tiger, as well as some in urban camo (winter to me).
    I figure I'd need 2- for sks', 4- for shotguns, 3- for M-N rifles, and 8- for various .22's...
    Now let's see, that adds up to: ( UH OH!) 4 each colors x 17! (68 covers!)
    Maybe it's back to the spray paint?
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    If you really want to "Camo" your guns, make them a "Ghillie", they won't be permanent and you use them on anything.
  16. E.L.

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    While I have seen a lot of Ghillie suits, and I even own a leaf suit that I really like for bow hunting, I do not remember seeing a gun that had the Ghillie treatment.
  17. spine

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    Heres a pic of a ten dollar hack job I did on a ten cent savage tuperware stock.Time to pony up and buy this rifle a real stock!
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