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    FEMA is a monster, and with the Homeland Security umbrella Corp, there's no limit to the power of the "government".

    I wonder how many folks actually know about FDR and the Japanese citizens who were rounded up. Most of that was based on hysteria for public consumption, but how can we relate that to today? It's simple, really --they've already done it. They have blurred the line between "citizen" and "terrorist", making EVERY person domestic or foreign, a potential threat. With the police state already firmly in place, and numerous factors like criminalizing average people for virtually anything and media propaganda, our sovereignty has been ignored for "the security and welfare of the people". The fear campaign today makes the 1930 and 40's look like a joke in comparison. Heck, we see school teachers having little kids arrested for chewing out pop-tart shaped guns and neighbors spying on each other, SWAT team raiding homes and killing non-violent citizens, police brutality on the rise, racial tensions soaring and being cultivated by the media, illegals killing and raping and being turned back out into our streets, government gun running, drug running, sex trafficking...more socialism and taxation in the form of healthcare, more unemployment, less full time jobs and careers, bigger government, more war...

    Seriously, it's like a cornucopia of opportunity for FEMA to just roll out and clean house. Problem, reaction, solution.
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    Geez you paint a dismal picture. ;)
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    Got to agree with Broker's text.. It is funny that a lot of the conspiracy theories over the years have been shown to be true.. Feels like the train is picking up speed..
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    Don't forget the waste of space that is the FDA/USDA and their complicity in the poisoning of the food supply.
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    It is not by accident that all federal agencies seem to have a police force arm including a swat arm.. Even the fda..
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