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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ghrit, Jun 7, 2012.

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    Similar every elk season.

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  4. wrc223

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    I have the same one Brokor pointed out. Owned it for two years and have used it in my 12'x14' Civil War wall tent. When it is up to temp and you have a good bed of coals, you will wish to sleep on top of your bed roll until the outside temp gets to around 25-30 F. When it gets in the teens, you will want to get in your bag but keep it unzipped. A great heater!!
    Great for heating and cooking on. I do recomend a base to set it on. On soft ground it tends to sink in a bit.
  5. -06

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    Reminds me of the old style "trash burners". They were light weight and thin walled. Saw one recently about a ten gallon size that I wished I had bought. A bud gave us an old Army 8 sided wall tent with a chimney opening. Will be great on hunting trips.
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    Do some PM, like welding before use.....
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    Never used those. Did however, just acquire a pot belly stove that was headed to the dumpster. It's in pieces, as I take it might be sectional for portability. It has some hoses and valves with it. Think I might have the pieces welded together instead of sectional. Gotta do some research on what it is capable of. I think I can always alter it to burn what I want and provide heat and food prep.
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