Campers, military tents and solar panels oh my...

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    New to the site and love all the information on here. I recently left the Marine Corps after 10 years and decided with my wife and 2 kids to move off grid and start a new life. We joined my brother and his wife on a undeveloped piece of land miles away from anything that resembles the grid. We are in the beginning stages, living in a camper and military tent but have managed to get our water catchment and power going and couldn't be happier. I have started a youtube site as well to document our solution to problems big and small. Our next big thing.... a house.

    AllTrades - Videos - Google+
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  2. ghrit

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    Welcome aboard the tree. We are looking forward to progress reports and pix.
    Thanx for serving.
  3. vonslob

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    Neat, thanks for the post. I will look the videos over the week. Having your family and your brothers that is the way to do it.
  4. Sapper John

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  5. BTPost

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    Welcome to the Monkey Tree.... Grab a branch and have look around... Lots of good info here, and a whole passel of Great Family Folks here'bouts....
  6. Dont

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    Semper Fi and welcome..
  7. UncleMorgan

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  8. -06

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    Echoing "Don't"'s "welcome and Semper Fi". Hope you find the site to your liking.
  9. KAS

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    WElcome to the site ...
    Pics please !!!!
    And i will be watching you on your video ... good luck
    and please keep us posted on all the fights and arguments between you and your brother and definatly the woman...
  10. kellory

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    Welcome. Thank you for your service, and looking forward to your adventure.
  11. smithcp2002

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    Welcome brother, great setup.
  12. BlueDuck

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  13. Falcon15

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    Grab a branch, keep your hands off of my bananas, and welcome.
  14. AllTrades

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    Thank you everyone for the welcome. Here is a panorama shot of our fancy camp. I'll work on a better picture.
    From the left, military tent, camper, outdoor kitchen with propane range, to the far right is our BOW (bathroom on wheels). I built a bathroom onto a 4x8 trailer so we can move it to a different site on our land later. 2015-04-15_15-27-46.
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  15. jimLE

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    great looking setup there alltrades..and smart move on the portable potty set up..did you set it up for automatic drainage.or did ya go with some other route?
  16. AllTrades

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    We have a cesspool that it drains into, about 30 ft of abs surface laid on the ground with a quick disconnect at the trailer.
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  17. Gafarmboy

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    Welcome to the tree and great decision on the move. Looks like you are off to a great start. By the way, stay far away from Falcon's Nana's. He is a little touchy about the whole sharing concept.
    If you can not protect what you own, you won't own it long.
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