Can any of you on active duty verify this?

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    From Gunissues
    Army Begins Requiring Registration of Personal Weapons
    If you join the military and own a weapon, you don't even get the courtesy of "Don't ask; don't tell." It appears that the Army is requiring soldiers to self-report weapons they may own even if they are located off a military reservation. Is this a backdoor to weapons control in this country?
    See sample and also attached Ft Lewis document.

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    Military demands details on soldiers' private guns
    Fort Campbell command reversed under pressure
    Posted: March 21, 2009
    12:15 am Eastern

    By Bob Unruh
    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    A military commander at Fort Campbell in Kentucky demanded his soldiers give him the registration numbers of any guns they own privately and then reveal where they are stored.

    The order was stopped, according to base officials, when it was discovered the commander was not "acting within his authority."

    The original order was issued on the letterhead of Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment and said effective March 11, any soldier with a "privately owned weapon" was required to submit the information, along with any information about any concealed carry permit the soldier may have, and what state issued the permit.

    Further, the rule warned, "If any soldier comes into possession of a Privately Owned Weapon following the effective date of this memorandum, he is required to inform the Chain of Command of the above information."

    One soldier who objected to the demands circulated the memo, commenting that he lives off post.

    "It just seems a little coincidental to me that within 90 days the most anti-firearm president in history is inaugurated, some of the nastiest anti-firearm laws are put on the table in Washington, and then the Army comes around wanting what amounts to a registration on all firearms, even if they are off post, and doesn't provide any reason or purpose as to why," the soldier said.
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    The son of a bitch should be given a general courts martial as his entire illegal order and his lack of authority make him detrimental to good order and discipline.
    Damn, at least the French would have shot him in WW1 ............[​IMG]
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    That's CONUS, but over in Europe, the soldiers do not have a choice. Personal firearms to the military (leadership) = bad practice.

    Most soldiers in the US, I can only imagine, don't even comply. At least...they should'nt.
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    I recall returning to the US from Germany, and had to go to the Provost Marshall to get permisssion to take my firearms back, that I'd purchased there overseas....
    Strange, as I had bought them from the Provost Marshall...hinself!
    2 Ruger Redhawk .44 magnum revolvers....
    Can you guess what happened?
    Due to the fact that I was still under 21 (enlisted at 17), I was not allowed to bring them back into the US, as I was landing in New Jersey!
    They have laws regarding a "juvenile" in posession of a firearm....!
    Old enough to fight and die for those bastids, but not old enough to drink, vote, or have my own firearm...go figure!
    No time to sell them, I "surrendered" them back to the jerk that sold them to me!
    He had a good thing going there!
    I was never even allowed to take them to the range, as they were considered too powerful for the pistol range!???
    RIP OFF!
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    This has always been the case as long as I have been in the Army. If you live on post, you are required to store the weapon at the arms room. It was generally ignored and weapons kept out of sight and transported in non-descript boxes. If you were caught, it could get ugly. Now with the increased security, you are gambling as the gate guards will conduct random searches.
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    Those 'random searches' weren't always so random. My hopped-up Firebird got searched so often, I felt like painting the number "4" on it - they supposedly searched every fourth car in the gate.
    The Marines on the Navy base gates were cool though - they'd open my glove box, take out the Kabar and look inside, put the Kabar back and send me on my way. [beer]

    I guess the fact I was usually upshifting past 90MPH by the time I transitioned from on-ramp to highway made them want to see what was in this car..... [lolol]
    When I was rooming off-base, I kept my Ruger Blackhawk .45 Convertible in the apartment - the Navy never knew. The 80's were a whole different time though.
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