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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Bishop, May 17, 2016.

  1. Bishop

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  2. Meat

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    Fake! Just joking. Cool vid. :D
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  3. UncleMorgan

    UncleMorgan I like peeling bananas and (occasionally) people.

    That's some purty good shootin', Mister. (Wuh-huh!)

    And smooth reloads, too.
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  4. azrancher

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    Damm, he's good, except for his re-load speed.

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  5. marlas1too

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    when I was around 10 I could have done that using a forked stick and rubber from a bicycle but old age and the condition of my hands I don't think I could even hit my house
  6. kellory

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    Nicely done sir
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  7. Seacowboys

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    My Grandfather gave me my first flipper when I was around three, it has been a life-long companion. He also made me a sling and I got quite proficient with that as well. Then came the next logical extention, a bow and arrows. Now it is mostly high-speed, low-drag race guns on a USPSA course, I wonder what the club would say if I shot an open match with a flipper?
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  8. arleigh

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    Some fine shootin there.
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  9. Bandit99

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    WOW! Impressive! I need to get me one of those to play around with...
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  10. azrancher

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    Ahhh yes sling shots and extra surgical tubing is in my Survival supplies...

    I used to be able to use the David and Goliath sling, which in no more than a piece of leather and 550 cord, tie one end around your wrist, hold the other end, stone in the pouch, it doesn't take much to master it.

  11. Bandit99

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    You know I purchased a sling shot for my wife because she was going crazy about the wild turkeys around here but the darn thing broke. The surgical tubing tore. I think it was because I was pulling it back to far. I noticed @Bishop is not pulling to full extension.
  12. BTPost

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    My question is, "WHY are you using your wife's, when you should be using your own.... Now you have to fix her's, and then buy yourself another one for you.... Always remember "Two is One, and One is NONE"
  13. Bishop

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    The band's I am shooting are natural gum rubber flat band's they don't stack like tubes do
  14. BlueDuck

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    Good shootin...
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