Canadian freemen movement creating ‘major policing problem’

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    As per The National Post

    Anti-state freemen creating ‘major policing problem’: report | Canada | News | National Post

    An anti-government movement known as Freeman on the Land has become a “major policing problem” in several provinces, according to a threat assessment by Canada’s spy officials.
    The report by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service lists Freeman members among “domestic extremists” who associate with issue-based causes, such as environmentalism, anti-capitalism, anti-globalization and far-right racism.
    Its adherents fall on both the left and right wings of the political spectrum, but “at the core” of the movement is the belief that “government operates outside of its legal jurisdiction and therefore Freeman members do not recognize the authority of national, provincial, or municipal laws, policies or regulations,” says the report, titled Canada: Biannual Update on Terrorist and Extremist†Threats, which was prepared in April and released under federal access-to-information laws.
    Well....where to start with this....
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    Nice that the far right and far left in canada gets together to plan movements like can they possibly call something a movement if the various participants in it are on opposite ends of the political spectrum and don't associate with each other. So all their fringe groups seem to be using similar tactics, doesn't make it an organized movement.
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    The press at work with the usual signs of an attempt of mass mind control.
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    One of the things the power structure fears is that people who value freedom are waking up to the falseness of the left/right paradigm and are much harder to control because of it.

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