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    ( sorry, it's a long joke, but I think it's funny...enjoy!)

    So this fella gets into hunting in a big way and gets all excited about his first hunting trip to Canada.
    He carefully asks around to all the guys he knows and gets a great recommendation for a lodge and calls the Lodge to book a week.
    The guide asks him if he has his own dog or will he be using one of the lodge dogs, so he thinks about this and decides to book one of the lodge dogs.

    The months pass and this fella is real excited to be finally going to Canada for his first Duck Hunt.
    He was packed for his trip the week before, cleaned his gun all up, double checked all his equipment, the whole nine yards.

    He gets to the lodge, sees the Guide and inquires about a boat, maps, his room and is really impressed with the Lodge
    The guide takes him over to their kennels and introduces him to the dog he will be using for the week, The guide tells the fella that he is letting him have his best dog for the week being that it's his first trip and all.
    The dogs name is salesman and the fella kind of wonders about this for a moment, but he is really just too excited so he goes to bed early, gets up way before dawn and gets salesman out of the kennel.
    He gets even more excited because this is a beautiful dog, who obviously is a good hunter, and just itching to get out to hunt.
    Out they go for the day and he limits out in the first hour.
    He is so amazed by the talent of this dog, it's like he has a sixth sense about where the ducks will be and he responds befor the fella can even give a command.
    So for the whole week he works with this dog named salesman and he is always bagged his limit within an hour of starting.

    At the end of the week he pulls out his credit card and books next years trip right there, same room, same boat, same dog...everything.

    so 11 months pass by and this guy has bragged about his trip all year, he can't wait to go hunting back up in Canada.
    But he can't remember the name of the dog anymore, just how fantastic he was
    Slowly, the time comes around and he shows up at the lodge and he wanders over to the kennels with a milk bone in his pocket for the dog he had last year....
    but that same dog is nowhere to be found so he finds the owner and asks about this dog that was so amazing, he describes him, tells the guide how fantastic he was, and the guide gets a sad face
    and says" Oh, yeah I remember, that was our best dog, called him salesman cause he was always a hustler, real hard worker, wanted to always get going, but we had to get rid of him"

    The fella was stunned, he could hardly believe it and he asked the guide what happend
    The guide replied" someone had him for a week and started calling him sales manager and now he just sits on his ass and barks"
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