Canadians Solve 9/11 Question

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    From today's The Canadian - "Canada's socially progressive and cross cultural national newspaper":

    Apocalyptical cult groups seek the destruction of New York City and Toronto

    9-11 viewed as the "first step" toward a "North American Union" in 2007 and a sought New World Order

    by John Stokes

    Reliable sources suggest that it is apparent that fascistic "pseudo-Christian" cult group(s), and not apparent Muslim scapegoats, were responsible for the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center.

    America is popularly acknowledged as the world's only Superpower, with by far the world's best intelligence capability. That is further supported by a vast network of corresponding intelligence, and police investigative capability including INTERPOL, from its allies.

    No Muslim rogue group or Islamist government had any chance of the Herculean bringing down the World Trade Center, undetected from these agencies. Furthermore, the World Trade Center was also built to withstand aeroplanes being crashed into it, and other similar terrorist schemes.

    The aeroplane Hijackers associated with 9-11 could be viewed to be little more than employees hired for their apparent Muslim cultural heritage, who were being manipulated by a much more technologically sophisticated plot, than could ever be executed by any 'Muslim radical' group.

    Having dismissed the credibility of the official claim that Muslim extremists could ever have launched a scheme to bring down the World Trade Center undetected, then what kind of group would seek to bring down the World Trade Center? The psychological profile of the mastermind of the World Trade Center, and the corresponding Washington D.C. attacks suggests a well-financed pseudo-Christian cult, with Neo-Nazi affiliations.

    Apocalyptical "pseudo-Christian" cult groups apparently applauded the destruction of WTC. In their apparent view, the World Trade Center was a modern day "polyglot" version of 'Tower of Babel' in a city of "mongrel races" and "sinfulness", reminiscent of Babylon in the Bible.

    The World Trade Center (WTC) was a symbol of the financial success of New York City, as America's financial capital. Jews were persecuted in Nazi Germany for being an "inferior race" that presided over a "Conspiracy" to take-over the world using their financial power, in part, to create "morally degenerative cultural products" symbolized by today's film industry which is attacked by "neo-cons". The WTC would therefore make a prime target for any Neo-Nazi-inspired group, which sought to begin a racial "purification" against "Jewry", and its "permissive" institutions expressed in NYC, and that were viewed to have led to the weakening of America. These despised institutions include human rights, peace, and environmental groups led by Jews, and which in turn support the activities of other "inferior races". "Grassroots" U.S. -based Neo-Nazi groups applauded the destruction of the WTC in the aftermath of 9-11.

    For the rest of the story:

    That paper is a crack up! Living proof that the US MSM doesn't have a corner on the whacko market. Saaaaayyyy, did you Canucks know that Stephen Harper's "idea of so-called 'progress', is to make Canada a cultural, economic and political colony of the United States"? If you're looking for some humor today, give The Canadian a read. It's genuinely funny, even if they are actually serious about what they are writing.<!-- google_ad_section_end --><!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
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    "exopolitics" has produced several pages on the 16(?) different alien races ;as in (e.t.'s) currently visiting our planet and in cahoots wit the "evil govt"...
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