Cancer and Modern Medicine - A True History and Expose

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    The Truth About Cancer -- A Global Quest
    Episode 1: The True History of Chemotherapy & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly
    (or you can watch directly on YouTube):

    Description (Episode 1):
    A true history of chemotherapy and the pharmaceutical monopoly. Often referred to as 'Rockefeller medicine', the Carnegie dynasty and Rockefeller foundations supplanted homeopathic medicine with its own doctrine, using vast sums of money and placing their own people within schools, while at the same time using their political influence to maintain control over medicine and turning it into a corporate industry.

    The author travels around the world and investigates the matter of big pharmaceuticals and medicine by interviewing qualified doctors and experts. The history can all be verified, and it is not conspiracy theory.

    My synopsis:
    The people are purposefully being poisoned and made sick in order to (a) control population growth, and (b) maintain a perpetual healthy profit margin for the corporations who stand to benefit from treating illnesses and diseases instead of curing people.

    You watch. You decide. But, please try to've been lied to your entire lives.

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    Will watch the rest later but that Psychotropic drugging video is amazing. I truly believe.It is so correct, here really is no blood test, these Doctors just prescribe. I know this is a thread about cancer and the poisoning of us but those mind altering drugs are so dangerous. Doctors are so quick to whip out the prescription pad. My children's pediatrician prescribed me Lexapro. Not even my doctor, just saw a worn down Mom and prescribed a band-aid. No counseling or life changing advice, just here is your drug take as prescribed.
    Other Murders/Murder-Suicides Committed By Individuals On Psychiatric Drugs | CCHR International
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    There was a government study done, I think in the 1950's, on cancer treatment with a natural mineral. I do not recall how many patients were in the study, but going in all of them had been given less than a year to live by other doctors. Ten years later(IIRC), the study was discontinued because not a single one had died. The mineral is Selenium. Google for "Keith Pendlebury cancer" and you'll find a number of shows he was on....unfortunately it appears that his website is no longer available. He had a free ebook with the study and a fair bit of his own research in it...including a few people he had personal interaction with and their medical records.

    The medical(should be "sickness and death" IMO) industry has no reason to provide cures. That would be a one time cash input versus a constant revenue stream.
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    Peptic ulcers use to be all about stress and wrong diet.

    UNTIL a Doc in Ozz proved the pharmacological world wrong.

    It was but a simple little bug that could be killed with off the shelf antibiotics.
    Combination Drug Therapy for Peptic Ulcer Disease
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    A friend who is a functional medicine MD told us about this video serise
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    And we have veterinarians and confined hog facilities to thank for this simple cure.
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