Cancer Control Society - Convention Sept 3-5 2011

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    Hey guys, I just got my information packet. There is a convention for alternative cancer therapies in early Sept. I see a lot of big names in the field are showing up, these are experts in the Gerson, Leatrile, Metabolic, Magnet, and many other therapies. They've planned lots of speakers and bus tours down to the clinics in Tijuana.

    It's in Hollywood of course, I'm sorry you'd have to go into the belly of the beast.

    Their website isn't flashy, which is probably a good sign. Plus they have links and information for anyone looking for alternative treatments.
    The Cancer Control Society -

    I'm not going, but I'm telling all my customers, lots of them have cancer. It's exciting because all these names are associated with curing cancer without surgery or radiation at a higher success rate than the MDs . Lots of them simply use nutrition with some therapeutic twists. One of my customers/friends (he hooks me up with apple cider) is going through magnet therapy, he has lung cancer, one day he sits up from the table and coughs out this huge black lump. His MD Xrayed him and cancelled his surgery, which is great.

    Anyways, it's worth checking out if you have cancer, or you know someone who has cancer.

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    For some reason, I've seen a lot of cancer recently; must be I'm getting older. Fortunately it's not been with family, just friends at work.

    One guy's wife got lung cancer. She has a niece who is a nurse and convinced her to stay away from "those quacks" who don't use conventional medicine. The guy was very disappointed because he knows their "cure" rate. With good reason he was disappointed because his wife's cancer has spread throughout after the operation, and she's not expected to live much longer.

    Another guy has throat cancer and he's elected to use Insulin Potentiation Therapy. He appears to be doing pretty well at this time - we won't know anything for sure for a while (therapy started about one month ago).

    There are others I know of, but don't know what they're doing about it.

    If you have cancer, or know anyone who does, I'd highly recommend the link provided by Avarice above to learn as much as you can. I've seen others successfully treated with a couple alternative methods of treatment (laetrile [family member] and IPT [thru close friend]).
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    I think alternative medicine is underrated. I was lucky enough in my pharmacology class to have an instructor that knew alot about alternative medicine and was willing to discuss it, most instructors in nursing school frowned on it in general. Every time I'm in a doctor's office, I see 2 or 3 drug reps stopping by, bringing lunch, and dropping off samples. Most of the public does not know that the drug a doctor chooses to prescribe is usually giving that doctor a kickback in some form and may not be the best choice for you personally. I'm not saying that prescription drugs aren't necessary, just that they might not be as necessary if the medical field was more open to alternative therapies. Of course, the drug companies wouldn't like that, would they?
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    ^ That hits the target pretty well!

    It's great that you got to study pharmacology; there are a lot of things that are worth knowing in that field.
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    If cancer was curable, not just treatable, millions would have to retrain.

    It's a whole industry, and everyone gets paid. Cancer Inc. Don't give money to breast cancer at the grocery store cause none of that money reaches a patient. It doesn't make treatment cheaper, it just lines pockets all the way up the industry.
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    The AMA is bought and paid for by the Pharmacorps, not to mention the FDA.

    Why would a Pharmacorp want to find a cure for cancer, when a treatment that would make it a chronic condition would be SO much MORE PROFITABLE?

    Through my insurance and co-pays I have spent, on average more than $5000 a month for the last 5 1/2 YEARS do fight kidney would that stack up against a $30k one time cure??????

    Just My 2c
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