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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Disciple, Feb 15, 2011.

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    This past week has been tough on me, and my wife. I started showing symptoms of prostate Cancer, So friday I had a consult and psa test done with my doctor. I stressed out friday night and Saturday, I did awhole lot of praying too. Sunday morning I went to church, and got prayed for with a laying on of hands. I started feeling better about things after that. I called my doctor yesterday afternoon..........And my PSA levels were normal..........No cancer, believe me when I say this.......But I had all the symptoms of prostate Cancer.......... Guys if you are 40 or over get to the doctor and at least get him to run your psa levels.......cancer is nothing you want to mess with. no amount of preps can prepare you for that. It's not an enemy you can shoot, you cant eat it away, you cant read it away. If you dont want to do it for yourself think of your wife, your kids, your grandkids...............I have a soon to be 4 yr old grandson who is pretty self assured that paw-paw is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    So I encourage you to suck it up, and get that test done.....Better to be safe than sorry.
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    Glad to hear everything turned out OK. And yes, getting regular checkups by your doc can save your life. My dad was extremly "healthy" not in the only eats good stuff, but he just never got sick. I cannot remember a time when he had a cold or the flu. 3 years ago this June he died due to lung cancer. He survived 11 months from diagnosis. We found out later that when he had gone to the doc to get some skin treatment done (had a mole removed) the x-ray that was taken then just barely showed the tumor, and had anybody looked hard enough it would have been caught before it metastasized. Ugh, too many memories.

    Just glad that you followed up on yours and that all is well.
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    Thank you dragon, I hate to hear of your dads passing but life is to precious and to short to be taken out by cancer...........i would much rather die fighting trying to protect my rights to serve my god my way and protecting my rights, my family and their rights than die from cancer.
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    Hooray for good news! :cool:
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    Thank you tracy...........

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    Im so glad you are well!! I would say them laying on of hands is what did it. God is so awesome and he does hear our prayers! I am a living proof of this. I get my prayers answered and believe in the power of prayer and of the laying on of hands! Im so glad you are ok, so glad !!!! Thank you Lord for healing our brother, and for hearing the prayers :)

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    iM SO SORRY, this happens all the time. Please accept my condolences (((hugs)))
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    thank you sister candy...........what church do you go to?
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    You really ought to read this book (Attached below)

    Some introductory info here:
    World Without Cancer - - B17 Laetrile Vitamin B17

    I don't normally share pdfs of books that are still for sale but every day I hear about more and more cancer everywhere and the ages affected are starting to creep down. I have purchased and sent out over 100 copies of this book to people I know who have just found out they have cancer. Unfortunately, most of them fall for the 'it's quackery' and go down the chemo or surgery route. A few who have listened and read and followed the simple instructions on usage of B-17 have recovered fully without any other medical intervention.

    The items mentioned in WWC are available at

    YMMV. I'm not a Doctor or even an ND. Please consult your crystal ball before following any advice you read on

    G Edward, please let me know if you'd like me to pull this file. Survival Monkey Forums - Contact Us

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    I go to Church on the rock, a word church that believes in all the gifts and we use them :) The power of praise and worship!! we are a rocking, praising church that knows whats coming and is prepared for Glory!
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    Glad that you are in the clear. I agree that it may not be the most comfortable procedure or the most "manly" if you are challenged in that way, but it could be a lifesaver. Cancer of any kind is a bad deal though if you can get a jump on it by being tested you may live long enough to forget the discomfort. My grandfather has been passed many years and my grandmother after many years remarried a nice fellow. He was retired air force and went to church when he could. He was laid to rest yesterday. The culprit? Cancer. So folks, take that extra time and effort to know yourself and get checked out. Cancer not only affects you, but your loved ones as well.
  12. Disciple

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    Melbo Thank you brother I will make use of that book, post haste...... and I want to thank each and every one of you whom has supported me in this thread.....May God Bless each and every one of you.
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    Glad the test was negative. And did I hear you correctly say pawpaw bread?
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