Candle Amplifier... another cute technology....

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by BTPost, Apr 5, 2012.

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    The Candela Amplifier - YouTube

    Something I saw on another Site..... Very cute Idea.... and I bet it would work off a Wood Burnin, Stove Top... Similar to the EcoFan.... ...... YMMV....

    I have a call into the distributer to see what the product costs.... Looks like somewhere between $80US and $100US at the moment....
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    Looks similar to a cpu heatsink. :D
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    Oil burner + LED light for a MSRP of only $149.95.

    Thanks for the link. Fun tech, but a very rich man's toy.

    Paraffin lantern with built in thermo-electric generator and fm radio. Ideal for a camping trip or outdoor event.
    Thermoelectric Generator Lantern British, 10 pounds.



    Russian TGK-3 powering a radio. No - I haven't found any for sale. This exists as a few grainy photos - given that is is Russian, likely never, I have my doubts of anythng other than a mock up for a propaganda pics.
    Photos very much like this show it "in use" in remote 1960 China,& N. Korea - again, one has to wonder...


    AA Kelk radio set. Designed for Japanese market it was sold as an earthquake radio.
    Still trying to find one for sale, these were mass produced, but worked...barely.

    For a short periods of time, an American company offered a Dietz lantern with e TEG powering a small radio set was offered, and seems to have disappeared.

    Guess I'll just have to store a few more batteries....
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  6. Cruisin Sloth

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    2Cool ;)

    Thermocoupling power to an LED.

    We run 4 EcoFan's & replace motors every 2 years or so. I bought a bunch of Chinese replacements to keep them going.

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    We keep candle mounts with three mirrors behind them. Produces a surprising amount of light. Do like the chickens and go to bed early to save resources. Cuts down on someone seeing where you are. A lighted window is an invitation for trouble.
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    Yep, believe you're right. I have a couple from past builds that I think I'll give a shot .Wouldn't make any difference whether passive or active. Remove the fan from an active one probably work but maybe not quiet as well.Gotta see.
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