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    I just happened upon this site:

    They have detailed pictures of many of our favorite surplus military rifles and pistols. They have dissected views, full views, and sight picture views. Excellent photography, and able to order them as prints to boot.

    Here's a sample of my favorite battle rifle, the SMLE No4 MkI*

    I will be ordering an anatomy print (maybe the other two, also) of the No4 MkI as soon as I figure out how much and how to order from them. They are kind of vague on their website; I believe you have to go through their facebook page or something. I'm still looking into it.

    I wish they had this site back in the day when I owned a pair of Mauser C-96's. Learning how to reassemble them was a chore and a feat.
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    I am assuming, that is not exactly a precise sight picture to hit your target? Do the top of the protective sides of the front sight align with the half way point on the horizontal of the peep sight, and the top of the small skinny front sight post align in the vertical center of the peep and just touch where you want to hit on your target at the sight in range? or what?
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    But but but that is an old Enfield instead of an M-14--lol. Thanks for the link and am bookmarking it. Good stuff to know.
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