canned food, is it good for you?

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by beast, Nov 24, 2011.

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    I plan on my organs to be completely useless and used up within 24 hours of reaching room temperature.

    Meat is bad for you. Salt is bad for you. Caffeine is bad for you. Eggs are bad for you. Smoking is bad for you. Polluted air is bad for you. LIFE IS BAD FOR YOU. We all seem to forget the ONE universal statistic that CANNOT be manipulated no matter how you wrangle the numbers: 10 out of 10 people DIE.

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    live fast, die young, leave a well preserved chemically deformed corpse :p
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    I am awake - and make informed choices

    Not to harsh on you, but sometimes this stuff reminds me of that old tune - For what it's worth

    Paranoia strikes deep,
    into your life it will creep,
    Starts when you're always afraid....

    THe one thing my good daddy told me as a wee lad

    No matter how hard you try, nobody gets out of this life alive.

    Maybe ya die at 30, 60 or like me

    at 104, in bed.

    Shot by a angry husband....

    Some stuff I can change for the better, the rest I have learned to live with, canned food being one of those.

    But, thanks, just the same. I appreciate your concern.
  4. beast

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    the point i was trying to make is monsanto pays our govt to say its safe
    if they wanted us to eat rat poison they would just pay congress and the usda to label it inspected and safe
    i dont take ANY politicians or govt officers word for anything but pure "bullsh*t"
    and i aint eatin that either
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    I have no doubts that there are a lot of BAD things out there, and yes, they may even be in our foodchain....It's like anything else anymore. 1 day something will kill you, and the next, it's the best thing that ever came along since ice cream! My mother, my father, my grandmother, even my own 7 year old daughter died of "something". All different and all just as bad as the first.
    There's no way out...You'll never get out of life, alive! That's just the way it is...Now,I am no proponent of eating rat poison, but I have to be sensible too...Would I eat DDT? No. Is it out there today, YES! Can I avoid it? Probably not....I just have to take my chances, along with everyone else!
  6. weegrannymush

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    Haha! You are talking about eating rat poison....well, I have been "eating" it for the last three years as a blood thinner for my A-Fib! And it has probably saved my life up till I am not complaining. Have now switched to a newer drug but I can still recall the shock I felt when the doc said I was to take Warfarin and I knew that Warfarin was the brand name for rat poison (heck, I even had a box of it in the house "just in case"!) I thought at first he was being smart-alecky but turned out he wasn't joking.

    It has indeed got to the point where there seems to be nothing we can eat that is "good for us" because of additives, pesticides, herbicides and all the other icides....every day another bulletin on my computer from some medical website about some new research. I have come to the same conclusion as many of you other Monkeys....I have decided that apart from the restrictions about to be imposed on me because of the kidney problems, I am just going to eat everything in moderation (as the Good Book tells us to do!) and as we say in Scotland, "the deil tak the hin'most".

    Incidentally, just would like you all to know that I am enjoying our Monkey site so's extremely addictive, but then you know that already! The family always know where to find me, lol, glued to the computer screen AND you folks are keeping me out of mischief!
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    All of us Monkeys Love our weegrannymush...just sayin'
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  8. Seawolf1090

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    Glad to have you here, WGM! A site like this needs the lady's point of view to keep us guys on the straight & narrow! (y)

    I too just take it a day at a time, and in moderation. Just too many bogeymen out here to get worked up over. At 54 years young, I figure whatever is 'bad' probably has it's hooks well into me by now. I do try to avoid obviously bad stuff, but some are just guesses - equal numbers of Yays and Nays if you google them up. We make our own choices.
  9. Falcon15

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    Wee granny- that Warfarin is Coumadin. Coumadin is the blood thinner used in open heart surgeries, most commonly. Heparin is used from time to time, especially if the patient has shown a sensitivity to Coumadin.

    Yes, it was originally marketed as a rat/mice poison in the 1950's. It worked by causing rats to hemorrhage to death internally. It worked well, but newer, more effective substances have replaced Warfarin.

    As to taking this garbage daily...please consult with your physician about a daily low dose aspirin (81 MG aspirin one to 2 times a day) instead of other, more powerful anticoagulants. My step-grandfather had a 5 way bypass when he was 72. The Coumadin caused "leakage" in his brain, which had the essential effect of a stroke. He then suffered from a fall, and the impact of his head on the ground, and a cascade of micro-bleeders (multiple micro-strokes) occurred. He did recover. The sad thing is, I, the boy my grandfather taught how to drive had to teach him how to drive again.

    The doctor switched my grandfather to an aspirin regimen, and he lived another 20 years. He passed away just 3 years ago, from the effects of Alzheimers. 20 years on an aspirin regimen. Check with your health care provider. Not only is it easier on the body, but the same effects can be garnered post SHTF from an infusion or tea of black willow bark. acetylsalicylic acid is a Salicylic acid, and Salicylic is from the Latin root salix which stands for willow tree, the original place this substance was obtained from. That being said, willow bark tea could be a source of anticoagulant post SHTF for you...

    YMMV, I am NOT a Doctor. Please check with your health care professional about an aspirin regimen, it may not only ease your mind, but change your life.
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    There are a number of ways to "Thin Blood" as we get older, and our blood tends to get thicker. One is plain Old Aspirin, in reduced dosage, Warfrin is another, but you MUST have blood draws while the dosage needed for your situation is being determined. Momma had a Blood Embolism in he lung, years back, and they had her on Warfrin, for two years. Much later it was determined that it was an Estrogen issue, and they weaned her off the Warfrin and now she just does the Aspirin, like I do. In all these blood thinning maladies, Bruising and Bleeding is a very real side effect, that must be watched for, and accounted for. ..... YMMV.....
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  11. Redneck Rebel

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    BPA is unhealthy.
    Starvation much more unhealthy.
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    Thank you, Sapper John and Seawolf, for your kind words!!! Nice to know you think I am a lady (the jury might still be out on that, I suspect!) I was actually wondering if it was really appropriate for me to be active on this website as it looks like 99% of you are men and very much into the "hard" side of Prepping - guns etc. and very many tech. subjects, which I do find interesting but about which I know absolutely nothing and never will, no matter how many posts I read and study! But I guess if any of you do feel that little old ladies don't belong, well, you have the option to just skip my blurbs. So I guess I won't be doing any harm to stay with it!

    Regarding Warfarin (Coumadin ) thanks everyone, for your advice. It's very much appreciated. However, I take (or rather, I took, since I am now on the new drug Pradax) Warfarin because I have Atrial Fibrillation which can cause blood clots in the heart, not because of heart disease per se. I was not a candidate for aspirin therapy because I previously had ulcers and still have ongoing gastric problems (probably the result of too much stodgy British food over the years!) Apparently the aspirin is contraindicated in my case, at least according to my doc....mind you, I do not have much confidence in him, he is a very nice man, a real sweetie-pie in fact, but I frequently have to remind him about things and have caught him in so many mistakes, that I have got into the habit of researching everything he tells me. In fact, I have even diagnosed myself right in front of his face, when he couldn't tell me what was wrong! He doesn't even get embarrassed by it!! Switching docs is not an option, they are very difficult to find here in the North, I am lucky to have this one. At least, he can refer me to specialists if needed.

    I am being constantly amazed at the quantity and quality of the knowledge and expertise of my fellow Monkeys. What a grand lot you are....I am learning all the time from you.
  13. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    if you need your blood thin just pick and eat some sweet clover
    the tall white blooming stuff along most highways
    its free and does an even better job than aspirin and wont hurt you stomach
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    Thanx for your vote of confidence in what passes here for knowledge. We think you'll be contributing some of yours.

    Yep, mostly male, but there are some SIGNIFICANT contributions from the distaff side. (Helps keep us on and even keel, one might say.)
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  15. beast

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    i always get a kick out of that term "distaff"
    its like they were born male then
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    When I go, I want to go out peacefully sleeping like my Grandfather, not screaming in fear like the passengers in his car

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